Robert Monroe and The Explorers

Explorers are known for the journeys they undertake. Explorers are brave and bold and fascinated by what is unknown to them. Explorers take risks, the kinds of risks most ordinary people wouldn’t dare dream of. Why do they do it? Partly due to their passion for answers, perhaps for purely personal, and some might even […]

Programs for Exploring Personal Development

The early successes from Robert Monroe’s unique combination of smart business sense and extraordinary faculty for having keen control over out of body experiences, which he liked to call “non-physical realities” provided germination for several learning programs and hundreds of audio products now well  known worldwide. These programs and products continue to change and enhance […]

The Gateway Experience

The Gateway Experience 18 CD Set The Gateway Experience® In-Home Training Course also known as the The Gateway Experience Complete Set is one of the flagship products of the Monroe Institute. It was invented and developed by Robert Monroe, founder of the world renowned Monroe Institute (Faber, VA) and  Monroe Products (Lovingston, VA). Regular $499.95, now on […]

Journeys Out of the Body

The Support for Journeys Out of the Body Series is an in-home training Program designed to provide Hemi-Sync® audio-guidance to those who desire to achieve brain states conducive to an out-of -body awareness or experience. This series is a supplement to the Monroe Trilogy books – Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey […]

The Gateway Experience – It’s not all about OBEs

History of The Gateway Experience The Gateway Experience, for at-home use, came from the Gateway Voyage program, which was developed back in the 70’s by Robert Monroe, and is still offered at The Monroe Institute today. Many people were attracted to this program and you can read about many of them in this blog. This […]