Out of Body Experience Defined

Out-of-body-experiences (OBEs) are those curious, and usually brief experiences in which a person’s consciousness seems to depart from his or her body, enabling observation of the world from a point of view other than that of the physical body and by means other than those of the physical senses. Thus, an out-of-the-body experience can initially be […]

An OBE Experience about Karen659

Readers who have been with us for awhile, know we have written many posts about a lady named Karen and she has guest posted for us as well (http://www.thegatewayexperience.com/oobe-personal-experiences/) She writes an amazing blog called Travels of a Dream Walker at karen659.com. Now, on the Astral Projectors Facebook page one of the people who often […]

Peak and Other Exceptional Experiences During the Gateway Voyage

by Todd J. Masluk, MA, Ed.M. Background A revolution is occurring in consciousness expansion, the development of altered states, and psychospiritual growth (Walsh & Vaughan, 1993). At the forefront of this movement is an array of “neurotechnologies.” These neurotechnologies are one of the newest hopes of promoting psychological growth. Many claims have been made regarding […]