Astral Projection and Dual Consciousness

astral travelJust reading through another blog post done by our favorite guest blogger “Experiencing Dual Consciousness – On Another Level” during astral travel.

Astral Travel and Human Emotion?

Some interesting points came out of her recollections. One was that when she was OB, she had an encounter with her husband who was, as she recounts, “most adamant about me getting up and taking care of some things.” She then describes being disappointed “at the loss of vibrations and a potential OBE.”

Even out of body, old patterns remain! Is this a guilty reaction to spending too much time out, whatever “too much time” means? Is this the receiving of a sub-conscious message from her husband who might feel jealous of her astral travel?

I have had personal experience with a spouse who found that time spent on the “inner” self was time spent away from her. Any of the workshops or training sessions or get-togethers with like minded people interested in the inner exploration were somehow threatening to her.

Astral Travel and Jealousy?

Some of it was that I had a very strong interest in something outside our marriage. I had friends that were not her friends. Some of them were fascinating women which added to the feelings of jealousy, or at least exclusion. On top of that was what I perceived to be in her a great reluctance to look deeper inside herself for fear, perhaps, of what she would find. I know that there were some very black holes that she only very occasionally revealed.

Another aspect of Karen659’s recollection had to do with seeing herself as separate from her self, so to speak. In other words, she was looking at another entity who was indeed herself. Sort of like looking in the mirror. In both cases we are seeing another aspect of our own self.

Some say the mirror image is our anti-matter self with all aspects reversed by 180° and that the connection between the two takes us closer to a wholeness that is fractured when we move into life in the physical plane. The vision of ourselves in a dream or OBE can be similar. It is the aspect of ourselves that is always present, just often not perceived.

Who Are We When We Are Not in the Body?

It can be referred to as our “higher self”, but that simply reinforces the concept of dualism and separation that limits our experience on this plane. Others refer to it as our Holy Spirit, that aspect of the eternal Triad – Father/Mother, Holy Spirit, Son/Daughter, that we all are.

When I worked consciously to see this Holy Spirit part of myself, I never got a form that was human in nature. I always got a hemispherical form of very bright light. This fits my present understanding of how we can perceive ourselves, our eternal selves, when we are not occupying a physical form, i.e. a human body.

This “ball of light” which is the way we can perceive our other self is often captured on pictures of people whose consciousness is open enough to record them. These so-called orbs (from the spherical shape they seem to take) provide us with a way to visualize ourselves when we no longer inhabit this plane.

Other people see this aspect of ourselves in a “human body” form simply because it is easier to relate to and is more acceptable. This is why people see so-called ghosts or angels or any other such apparitions in the human body form. This more evolved aspect of ourselves knows what we will accept and therefore presents itself in that form.

Just like people need to see the Virgin Mary or some other religious icon to feel as if they have had a blessing or a healing. Our Holy Spirit is smarter that we are and plays along with whatever we need to get a message! 

Go read all of this posting by Karen here and drop us some comments afterwards. And be sure to leave comments on her blog, too. I know she appreciates the feedback.

If you have missed any of our other postings on Karen’s experiences in astral travel or OBE here’s the first of a great 4-part series on Overcoming Fear While OBE, part 1.

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