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Midlife Mojo: How to Get Through a Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis BookMidlife Mojo: How to Get Through The Midlife Crisis and Emerge as Your True Self  is a book by Frankie Picasso. The Unstoppable Coach Frankie Picasso is a full time Broadcaster, Author, Speaker, and professional Certified Life, Business and Master Coach Trainer. She is also the co-founder for the Institute of Quantum Living and Conscious Design and a member of the International Coach Federation, and the Canadian Association of Journalists.

Book description:

There is no universal purpose in life. Everyone has their own reason for being here and their own purpose in life.What is my purpose?  Why am I here?  What is the meaning of my life? Although these questions come up again and again throughout life, when midlife hits we finally admit to ourselves that without concrete answers and real changes our lives will never be complete. Is YOUR Mojo Working? The word “mojo” is derived from the African (Congo region) word “moyo”, which means soul or life-force. Mojo is your life-force.One of the greatest truths is that life is difficult. When you finally recognize this truth, you begin to question your existence. See full description and reviews at

Kung Fu Nuns at CERN Show a Different Energy

Sometimes opposites in world view and gender opposites can help bridge the differences we all have in striving to see the world as a interconnected place in the Universe.

Take for example the recent visit by “Kung Fu Nuns” at the CERN institute in Switzerland. The spiritually cultivated nuns from the Himalyas got a chance to see what another mountain dwelling species, called CERN scientists, has been working on.

“The nuns, all from the Himalayan region, struck poses of hand-chops, high-kicks and punches on Thursday while touring the research center where physicists at the frontiers of science are probing the origins of the universe.”

“Men and women carry different energy,” said His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa, a monk who ranks only slightly below the Dalai Lama in the global Buddhist hierarchy. “Both male and female energies are needed to better the world.”

By Robert Evans,