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Why Raise Your Consciousness?

It could be difficult to consider exactly what one’s own state of consciousness is, and how it currently works. There may be a certain disconnect between our collective and habitual level of thinking and survival and ways to embrace a higher self.

Take a moment to contemplate these ancient symbols as pathways and entry ways to different levels of thought:

Karen659 and the Adventures of OBEs

Many of our readers know the writer of the blog called The Travels of a Dreamwalker, a true weblog of out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams.

She has guest posted here in the past and hopefully will again in the future.

I just spent some time on her blog today and, if you are not familiar with her, here’s a sample of some of the article titles:

  • Party Time! Meeting Many; Being a Writer
  • Sending Love; Flexing Door; Flying Again
  • Sending Myself Healing Energy
  • Wine Effects, Sending Energy Attempt

They are so much fun to read and what the beginner can take from them is that an out-of-body experience, far from being fearful, can be a great adventure. And as you learn how to do it, the experiences can be guided by you.

Remember these are out-of-body experiences, not out-of-mind experiences! You are always in control, and we seem to have an automatic “ejection seat” that catapults us safely back into our bodies, if we are stepping into areas we are not ready for.

Read her article Fear and the OBE, and the 4 articles that follow it, if you are a bit fearful of the journey.  And you can visit her blog and ask questions in the comment blocks – I’m know you’ll get helpful answers!

An OBE Experience about Karen659

Readers who have been with us for awhile, know we have written many posts about a lady named Karen and she has guest posted for us as well ( She writes an amazing blog called Travels of a Dream Walker at

Now, on the Astral Projectors Facebook page one of the people who often posts very interesting stories about his experiences, Chilupian Silfino, had an OBE in which he mentioned Karen’s name and the other being in the experience knew exactly who he was talking about.

But before we share his story, here is an excerpt from a play written by a very wise man a long time ago. What did he know?. And who is he?

O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!

And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Fits right in to Chilupian’s story:

Chilupian Silfino
12:10am May 18
May 14

Karen Sixfivenine …yes named this experience after our dear karen….

I was out of body felt only slight vibrations. Everything was very dark so I touched the walls untill they were visible. I got to a mirror and was surprised to see my self looking as I look in the physical. No scars, no zombie looking thing in the mirror. ( I used to always see my reflections in the astral and I looked horrific so this was a great thing and it made me very happy)

I kept investigating this apt I was in. I tried reading
something left on a table but reading was hard. The letters would get very clear but i would forget the words right after reading them! I tried to read them a few times but could not memorize it. I wanted to memorize what I read to investigate it in the physical.

I noticed a memory chip on a desk that was really advanced looking. It was very light and bendable, but not breakable! I remember one point I tried to fly but wasn’t able to.

When I was about to leave a lady, Hispanic looking enters the room. She might have been a cleaning lady. I got the nerve to approach her and asked if she knew of Karen sixfivenine. She said admired her as well. I made sure to ask correctly thinking how could this person know of Karen? When I said Karen, then six… and five, nine, the lady repeated it with me mentally. I told her I was chilupian and we were out of body. But the lady seemed to fade away.. There were other lady’s there too but they seemed perplexed. I awoke with very slight vibrations in my physical body

Long-term Meditation and the Brain

meditationThe article we found on the website may not surprise many of our readers, but it is encouraging to see things like this appear in a very mainstream medical website.

In an article entitled “Long-term meditation leads to different brain organization”, the author reveals that several studies “have shown that this type of meditation may have beneficial effects on long-term emotional stability and, consequently, on disorders such as anxiety and major depression.”

The article provides a lot of information on how one particular study was carried out and ends on this note. Veronica Taylor, the lead author of the study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Advance Access in March 2012 says”

“There is still much to discover about the power of meditation,” she says. In the meantime, she suggests everyone take it up. “It doesn’t cost anything and you can meditate anywhere and anytime… and the benefits are real.”

OBE Techiques [Video]

Some people get too hung up on how to get out of their body thinking it is a complex process that must be done a certain way.

The reality of it is there are as many ways as there are people trying to get out. So don’t make it too complicated – get yourself out of the way – and let it happen.

Here’s a simple video to give you some ideas. Remember – Don’t be dogmatic about this!

OBE Technigues – William Buhlman

William BuhlmanWe keep featuring William Buhlman here since he is such an expert on the out of body experience. One of his first books on the subject was Adventures Beyond the Body which was published in 1996. Since then he has given hundreds of workshops around the country and is a trainer at The Monroe Institute established by another pioneer in OBE, Robert Monroe.

Our friend Ali Wylie has posted another podcast called Astral Projection – OBE Methods – William Buhlman on Podomatic which is well worth the listen whether you’re new to this or an old timer.