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Reality Architects

We’re always on the lookout for interesting new material or perspectives on the fascinating realm of altered states of consciousness, which is what OBEs or astral travel are. Along with that is the idea that through our thoughts, words and deeds, we are creating our reality as we go.

Here is a short video which gives some examples of how people have indeed changed their realities, and in so doing, changed the reality of the whole world. We are, after all, all connected.


How Much of our Consciousness is Collective?

collective consciousnessMany of our readers are familiar with the idea of “social consciousness” which describes a sort of general mindset in a population. It is one of the strongest binds we have with other people on this earthly plane. It is also a “un-consciousness” which has us running on autopilot along with the crowds. It makes us want to fit in with everyone else.

But we also have our separate, individual consciousness which is made up of all the experiences we have had in our life, plus a lot of what we have brought with us into this life. This is the mind that can free us from the unconscious social-approval world we often inhabit. It is the place where we say, even if the whole world is against us, “This is my Truth!”. And then we live it.

I got off on this binge because the wonderful writer of the blog Travels of a Dream Walker has addressed this issue in a recent post in which she grapples with the idea of the collective consciousness. She often makes me think deeper about things. Here is an excerpt:

I now seem to understand that our individual consciousness is not just our own perceptions, but also what we have assimilated through a multitude of levels of other ‘collective consciousnesses’, from the smaller family and societal level consciousness, to larger religious and cultural consciousness that also make up our individual realities. This is very difficult to explain, but the idea was that there were many more levels of influence out there than just the two I had thought.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in a comment, and put a comment on Karen659’s blog as well.

Visualization – A Powerful Tool for Change

visualizationWe’ve recently written about visualization for healing and now comes an even deeper look at this power.

Gregg Braden and the Power of Visualization

This video with Gregg Braden explores some fascinating research on how we are connected way beyond what we may believe and how the process of quantum entanglement works. The experiment he illustrates is similar to ones done before on blood samples, photons and plants. In a nut shell, once something is connected to something else, it is forever connected.

Take a DNA sample from someone and frighten them,; their DNA sample reacts instantly. Do the same with blood samples and you get similar results. Peter Tompkins showed us back in the 1970s how he could induce plants to react to certain stimulus, again instantly!

And the distance between the sample or plant and the experimenter is irrelevant. The communication between the objects is instantaneous – as in faster than the speed of light. Einstein spinning in his grave? No, I think when he left this plane, he got it – instantly 🙂

Then Braden goes on to tie this research into how, through visualization, especially with groups participating, we can change the world we live in.

Watch and enjoy:

The Power of Visualization Video

Guided Imagery to Fight Diabetes

guided imagery Yesterday, I wrote a post about the power of a type of guided imagery known as imaginal healing.

Guided Imagery “Rediscovered” By Modern Medicine

This process is probably as old as we humans are, but it got lost along the way with the advent of so-called modern medicine. Paradoxically, it is in the medical community where this age old art is being revisited.

Using guided imagery for healing entails the process of seeing the body as well; seeing the body doing the things it does when it is well; “seeing” wellness throughout the body.

I recently ran across a site called “Diabetes Self-Management which had a very comprehensive article on how guided imagery is used with diabetes patients, among others. Here is a brief excerpt, but the whole article is worth the read:

Commonly offered to cancer patients to improve quality of life during chemotherapy, imagery is also known as a helpful adjunct therapy in preparation for surgery, childbirth, and other difficult situations. It has been shown to provide pain relief, shorten hospital stays, and lessen stress and anxiety. The link between stress and poor blood glucose control in people with diabetes is clearly established. And since much of the professional literature on diabetes calls for approaches to its management that consider the emotional and behavioral — not just physical — needs of the person, an easy-to-use stress buster that can also provide insight into behavior may prove to be very useful.

Guided imagery, which is often referred to as just imagery, or creative visualization or active imagination, uses the power of the brain to create holograms that then trigger the release of a wide range of chemicals in the body that go to the area being imagined. Imagining yourself in a relaxed state is the first step. It creates what researches call the relaxation response.

Guided Imagery for Healing Begins with Relaxation

When achieved, this is what happens to the body, according to the article:

“…the nervous system deactivates the stress response. Brain waves, respiration, heart rate, muscle tension, and blood glucose all decrease, while immune function and feelings of well-being increase.”

The whole article is long, but it is worth reading if you have ever been sceptical about the techinques of guided imagery.

Heal Your Body with Your Mind – Imaginal Healing

imaginal healingThough this blog is not usually about the topic of healing, it is about using your mind to its fullest extent, and using imaginal healing to heal your body is certainly an example of that. It is in the power of imagining wellness to prevent and cure dis-eases in the body.

Robert Moss Explains Imaginal Healing

Robert Moss has been teaching people about this for a long time so when I saw a recent post on my FB page, I decided it was time to put something about him on our blog. So I went to one of his sites called “Dream Gates” and found this short description of what it’s all about:

Robert Moss, a world-renowned dream explorer and teacher, invites us to tap into the power of dreams for self-healing and self-understanding—and insight into handling the challenges of waking life

For those of us who have experienced out-of-body states or astral projections know, the experience is rich in images. In fact, often that is all it is – no sound, no taste, no smell, no touch. Just an incredible array of images. So it should be no surprise to find out that our brains work in images – holograms actually.
The rest of the article is filled with references to the work that has been going on for quite some time documenting this in clinical studies. That doesn’t mean your family doctor is going to promote this idea much since he won’t earn a dime if you use it to heal yourself.


Take Your Power Back with Imaginal Healing

But if you want to take some of your power back over your body’s health, read the whole article. It’s fascinating! And check out using this technique with diabetes patients, Guided Imagery to Fight Diabetes.

Dealing with Death

No matter what your spiritual or religious outlook, what we refer to as “death” is a concept that most people still have trouble understanding.  It becomes more difficult when the death is of someone who is close to us since we may feel the loss more deeply.

For some, the loss can be bridged by using the greater aspect of what we are to communicate with the one departed thereby relieving ourselves of concern for the departed.

I just received a note that one of our Gateway friends had gone through the loss of her father by using her experience and expertise in astral projection. She has written a  lovely blog post on the Astral Projection website in which she shares this experience.

Here is an excerpt:

Our Dad is alive and kicking, albeit without a physical body, he made sure and is still making sure that this message is getting across. He had to discard his physical body due to illness but he is still with us. Signs from the beyond tell us that our loved ones are well.

The whole post is worth the read. maybe it will help you or someone you know in dealing with death.