Is a Near Death Experience a type of OOBE?

Are OOBE and NDE the Same?

Although we tend to separate out-of-body-experiences (OOBE) from near-death-experiences(NDE), they do have some similarities. The most obvious is that the person who has gone through an NDE almost always, at some time in the experience, views their physical body from a remote location.

In classical cases of NDEs during emergency medical procedures, the remote location may be no further away than the ceiling of the OP, but the distance is tangible. In an NDE, people report hearing conversations of people who are in the proximity of the body and they are able to remember them word-for-word when they “return”.

In an OOBE, people also report hearing conversations of people they are observing from their remote location and finding later that the conversation took place just as they “heard” it while out of their bodies.

We‘ve run across a fascinating description of an NDE in this video and hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did.

Have you had either an OOBE or an NDE? Want to share your experiences with us and our readers? We look forward to it.

Rosie McKnight and the Gateway Voyage

Rosie McKnight was in the right place at the right time when she met Bob Monroe and found herself experimenting in what was later to develop into the Gateway Voyage and then the Gateway Experience.

She was, like all Bob Monroe’s explorers, open to the idea of exploring areas outside “normal” consciousness.

And that is the journey we call The Gateway Experience.

Listen to Rosie talk about some of her experiences. and then read more about her as one of The Explorers.


By her own admission, Rosalind A. McKnight just happened to be “at the right place, at the right time.” That is how she recalls when her long association with famed out-of-body researcher Robert Monroe began.

She had already graduated from Manchester College in Indiana, where she had majored in Peace Studies and Sociology and then had earned her Mastery of Divinity degree at the prestigious Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

At age 25, with an inquisitive mind and a exploratory nature, she sought a new challenge in her life when she moved from New York to the state of Virginia.

Soon she met Robert Monroe which led to a new a whole dimension of exploration for her. For eleven years, from 1972 to 1983, she worked in the early days at the Monroe Institute® (TMI), doing extensive research in the laboratory into the vast non-physical dimensions of consciousness.

She helped significantly to further the understanding of human consciousness and to demonstrate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are more than our physical bodies. She became known as one of Robert Monroe’s “explorers”.

As a practical man, Mr. Monroe was resistant to using anything but scientific principles and data for his research. This is where Rosalind McKnight became most important by offering her spiritual perspective, as way to counter-balance their work together. She has said often they were a good team.

While at the same time working at the Monroe Institute®, Rosalind McKnight was a part-time instructor at Blue Ridge Community College, Central Virginia Community College, and Virginia Western Community College. She taught courses in extrasensory perception (ESP), parapsychology, and death and dying.

She also founded the Creative Living Institute and became its director, sponsoring conferences and seminars throughout Virginia on various personal growth topics

Her initial book, “Cosmic Journeys: My Out-Of-Body Explorations with Robert A. Monroe”, published in 1999, is the result of her years of pioneering research work with Robert Monroe. It was not until after his death in 1995, that she felt compelled to write her own series of books.

Rosie, as she prefers to be called, published her second and latest book, “Soul Journeys: My Guided Tours through the Afterlife” in 2004.

Here she shares her explorations of non-human energy systems, interactions with highly evolved beings, concepts about the makeup of the many levels of the universe, views of the afterlife and the animal dimensions, the nature of healing and guidance, a look at the future, and much more.

“My key is joy. One of my (spiritual) guides gave me this affirmation,” Rosie McKnight explains. “I am light, manifested in love, expressed in joy, joy, joy: we come from the light dimension (which is God’s dimension), and then we manifest into this Earth through love, and then we express ourselves here through joy.”

Somewhere, perhaps in some other dimension, Robert Monroe must be quite proud of his protégé, Rosalind A. McKnight, who passed this plane on February 11, 2010.

Joe McMoneagle – Remote Viewing

Joe McMoneagle had a near death experience as a soldier and, as many NDE-ers say, that changed his life.

He became one of Bob Monroe’s Explorers and went on to use remote viewing commercially. He describes that in his fascinating book “Mind Trek”.

He talks about some of that here:


Joseph McMoneagle has the distinction of being the first person enlisted into the top secret military program known as the STARGATE Project that began operation in October 1978. As one of the US military’s top psychic spies, he became “Remote Viewer 001.”

The STARGATE Project was the military’s initial experimentation of using remote viewing for intelligence gathering and data collection. Other prominent members and fellow explorers of that project have included Skip Atwater and David Morehouse.

As a result of a number of strange episodes in his life including a life altering near-death experience, a UFO sighting and numerous spontaneous out of body episodes (OBE’s), Joseph McMoneagle became aware of his intuitive abilities and developed the skills of remote viewing. In fact, the unusual psychic gifts he possessed, ran within his family lineage.

He described his near-death experience in 1970 while in the Army as “a spiritual epiphany” which resulted in awakening to the realization that he no longer needed to fear death.

It was this unique case history that caught the attention of the Army Security Agency and he was recruited to work on classified assignments as a remote viewer.

“They sent me to Stanford Research Institute and had me tested. And I turned out to be an excellent remote viewer,” Mr. McMoneagle explains.

Following his retirement from the US Army, he maintained a close association with the STARGATE Project through his own company, Intuitive Intelligence Applications, Inc. which he has operated for the last 33 years.

In the 1980’s, Mr. McMoneagle trained with Robert Monroe using the Hemi-Sync® methodology to hone his psychic skills. Through his close association with the Monroe Institute®, he eventually met his wife, Nancy Honeycutt, who is a stepdaughter of Robert Monroe.

During his fascinating career, Mr. McMoneagle has provided professional support to numerous agencies, including the CIA, NSA, Defense Intelligence Agency, DEA, Secret Service, FBI, U.S. Customs, the National Security Council, and most major commands within the Department of Defense. For twenty years he has provided paranormal intelligence as a remote viewer.

To date, he has authored four books which include:

•”The Ultimate Time Machine: A Remote Viewer’s Perception of Time and Predictions for the New Millennium”

•”Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook”; “Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing”

•”Memoirs of a Psychic Spy: The Remarkable Life of U.S. Government Remote Viewer 001″, also titled “The Stargate Chronicles: Memoirs of Psychic Spy” in the hardcover edition.

•The Stargate Chronicles

He has also built an impressive portfolio of working with various companies seeking natural gas, oil, mineral deposits, gold, and platinum. In addition, he has assisted with numerous missing person cases in Washington, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Japan.

Mr. McMoneagle has appeared often on numerous Japanese television programs that have attempted to locate missing persons and he has actually found ten to date. He has demonstrated his remote viewing skills a total of 150 times on live TV around the world to prove the validity of psychic powers.

Joseph McMoneagle has been honored with 28 military decorations and a number of distinguished awards from the US government. He is a man who has a dedicated passion for his work and a tireless service to others.

Remote Viewing – Courtney Brown

Dr. Courtney Brown Using Remote Viewing in ScienceCan a mathematician be interested in remove viewing?

As i read through Courtney Brown’s bio the first time, I was impressed with the fact that this man is a hard core mathematician. Dr. Brown is a professor of Mathematics and a social scientist who teaches in the Department of Political Science at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

He received his Ph.D. degree from Washington University (St. Louis) in 1982 in political science with an emphasis on mathematical modeling.

Many people think of remote viewing either as some sort of secret CIA or military program that has supposedly been debunked, or a some sort of esoteric fantasy.

So what would attract someone like Dr. Brown to remote viewing and what does he actually think it is?


Dr. Courtney Brown, PhD, is an explorer who continuously seeks to push the boundaries of remote viewing‘s capabilities and potentialities. He is a dedicated and driven researcher focused on how remote viewing can peer into our future, as well as, into parallel universes that may be existing simultaneously to our own.

He has conducted a number of experiments in which he has attempted to prove that we live in a world of multiple universes where a different reality can exist with very different outcomes, and thus, very different futures. And to that end, he believes that remote viewing proves, beyond question, that the theory of differing future and past time lines is not just science fiction.

“Remote viewing is a tool that we use to explore questions relating to consciousness and existence. Contributing to the science of consciousness through investigations into the remote-viewing phenomenon is the primary goal for our path of service,” he writes of his work.

Dr. Brown is a professor of Mathematics and a social scientist who teaches in the Department of Political Science at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

He received his Ph.D. degree from Washington University (St. Louis) in 1982 in political science with an emphasis on mathematical modeling.

He began his teaching career as a college calculus instructor in Africa before moving on to teach nonlinear differential and difference equation modeling in the social sciences at the University of California at Los Angeles, Emory University, and the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research Summer Program at the University of Michigan.

He has published numerous books on applied nonlinear mathematical modeling in the social sciences, including two new volumes, one on applied differential equation systems (2007) and another on graph algebra (2008), a new graphical language used for modeling systems.

He also has an interest in political music, and has recently published a book on the subject. Independent of his work as a college professor, he is the Director and founder of The Farsight Institute (, a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to the study of a phenomenon of nonlocal consciousness known as “remote viewing.”

He recently published a book titled “Remote Viewing: The Science and Theory of Nonphysical Perception.” In this book he analyzes data and develops a new theory that explains the remote-viewing phenomenon as a consequence of superposition formation on the quantum level.

Dr. Courtney Brown has authored many additional books and here are some of his more relevant ones:

• Cosmic Explorers: Scientific Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, and a Message for Mankind

• Cosmic Voyage: True Evidence of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth

• Remote Viewing: The Science and Theory of Nonphysical Perception

• Cosmic Voyage: 8A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth

• Differential Equations: A Modeling Approach (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)

• Serpents in the Sand: Essays in the Nonlinear Nature of Politics and Human Destiny

• Chaos and Catastrophe Theories (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)

Skip Atwater talks about Robert Monroe

Skip Atwater has the perfect background to be the President of The Monroe Institute.

During his time in the US military as a U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent, he visited the Institute and had his first experience with Hemi-Sync and what was known as the gateway Voyage, TMI’s in-house program. It is this program that has become the home study course called The Gateway Experience.

Skip talks about this first meeting with Robert Monroe in this short video.


F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater has had a long association with Robert Monroe. Like others before him, he migrated to the Monroe Institute from the STARGATE Project, which was the CIA directed experiment and application of remote viewing in counter espionage, conducted during the late 1970’s and 1980’s.

For ten years Skip Atwater was the Operations and Training Officer for this secret remote-viewing program. He recruited and trained an elite cadre of professional intelligence officers to do remote viewing for the Department of Defense and various members of the national intelligence community. He planned, conducted, and reported thousands of remote viewing intelligence-collection missions.

His upbringing in a spiritually oriented family environment, allowed a young Skip Atwater to experience many extraordinary psychic adventures. Subsequently, these childhood experiences allowed him to thrive in the STARGATE Project when he entered it as a young adult.

In 1977, as a representative of the military on a fact-finding mission, he first met Robert Monroe, who introduced him to the Hemi-Sync® technology in one of his laboratories. With headphones on and music playing in his ears, Skip went into the “body asleep/mind awake” state where he had quite an unusual and extraordinary experience, as he felt the bed rise up he was laying upon.

“After a period of time.. my entire perspective changed and I was in a boundless, open white space watching myself,” he described of that eventful day.

“And it was very meaningful, like, ‘wherever you go, there you are’. At that time, in this state of consciousness, it was (as if) I’ve come all of this way to find out I am already here,” he said of this revelation he felt. “I was so involved in this journey, I had completely forgotten about Mr. Monroe. I felt so embarrassed.”

After retiring from the Army, Skip Atwater began to work with Robert Monroe and participated in experiments and research into the realms of human consciousness which led him to adopt a spiritual perspective in his own life. Eventually, he was appointed as Research Director of the Monroe Institute.

In his roll as Director, he published technical research on methods for expanding consciousness, and authored the inspirational book, “Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul: Living with Guidance” in 2001, now available as an e-book.

He has assisted hundreds of individuals in experiencing and exploring expanded states of consciousness through the Hem-Sync® and other technologies, pioneered and invented by Robert Monroe.

Today, Skip Atwater guides the Monroe Institute boldly into the future as its President and Treasurer.

Learn more about Monroe Institute Programs


Welcome to the Gateway Experience!

These are exciting and challenging times and we can use all the help we can get to move onward.

One of the most important resources we have, that we often overlook, are our incredible minds. The Gateway Experience is all about developing this resource. It is about finding a place in ourselves that can provide us with guidance through our lives.

The ability to ask a question, or ask for the solution to a pressing problem, to a part of us that is just waiting to give us the answer, is a powerful ability to understand and develop.

This is just part of what you will be doing in The Gateway Experience!

You can start with Wave I – Discovery and continue the journey at your own pace.

Explorer: David Morehouse


At one time, David Morehouse was one of America’s top psychic spies for the CIA. For over five years, he served in the CIA’s remote viewing program, “Sunstreak” conducted out of Fort Meade, Marlyand.

He was transferred into this classified unit of the CIA in the 1980’s, after serving as a commander for the Army Rangers in the Middle East, when he suffered a serious head injury. During his recovery, he discovered he had apparent and exceptional psychic powers.

Now, Dr. David Morehouse, PhD, has become one of the leading experts in the world on remote viewing and has authored four books and conducts workshops and training seminars across the country.

His books include “Nonlethal Weapons, War Without Death”; the international bestseller, “Pyschic Warrior: Inside the CIA’s Stargate Program: The True Story of a Soldier’s Espionage and Awakening”; and “Remote Viewing: The Complete User’s Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing,” published in 2007.

He also is the subject of an upcoming movie based on his first work of fiction entitled, “The Deceivers,” which was recently purchased by Paramount Pictures with Mace Neufeld producing and Simon West directing..

“Remote Viewing is a tool for transformation, a doorway to another world, a world within. You can live life without the illusion of yesterday or tomorrow; you can see past the suffering and fear to an existence of infinite promise and possibility,” David Morehouse writes.

During his days in Project Sunstreak, then onto another secret program the “Stargate Project,” David Morehouse worked on hundreds of cases, from searching for a Soviet jet that crashed in the jungle carrying an atomic bomb, to tracking suspected double agents.

By far his most famous case was helping to determine the cause of the downing of the Pan Am flight #103, that crashed in Locherbie, Scotland in 1989.

“I was sent to a special access program, code named Sunstreak at that time and trained to be one of America’s top secret psychic spies, called remote viewers,” he recalls.

Project Stargate was the code name for one of several sub-projects established by the U.S. Federal Government to investigate the reality, and potential military and domestic applications, of psychic phenomena, particularly remote viewing. By employing their unique and gifted abilities, participates in these programs were able to psychically “see” events, sites, or information from a great distance.

These projects were active from the 1970s through 1995, and followed up early psychic research done at The Stanford Research Institute (SRI), The American Society for Psychical Research, and other psychical research labs.

“Exactly what remote viewing is allowing someone to do is to see is persons, places or things, distant in space-time. And to gather information about that and to be able to describe that in very interesting and very wonderful terms,” Dr. Morehouse says.

These days, David Morehouse spends his time training tens of thousands of others in remote viewing techniques. He has also produced a series of audio products including the “Remote Viewing Home Study” course.

A very diverse cross section of people are drawn to David Morehouse’s training seminars including medical doctors, researchers in science, medicine and technology, engineers, homemakers, physicists, students, artists, and alternative practitioners, to name just a few.

His teachings and writings have been especially well received throughout Europe, where his reputation and his evolving humanistic philosophies have earned him countless accolades in the European Press where he is routinely described as “one of Europe’s leading new metaphysicians.”

David Morehouse’s work is fascinating and engaging and offers a glimpse of what can be possible when remote viewing techniques are used, not only by government spies, but in normal, everyday applications within your own life.

Explorer: Bruce Moen


Bruce Moen is a an explorer of the vast, uncharted territories beyond our existence as physical beings. Into the afterlife. He insists that despite our beliefs to the contrary, discovering the truth about our afterlife through communication with the deceased is really quite easy.

Trained as an engineer, Mr. Moen has created a systematic yet simple set of concepts, techniques, and exercises that people around the world have successfully used to gather their own firsthand evidence about the afterlife through contact and communication with the deceased.

As an author, teacher and consciousness explorer, Bruce Moen is man with a humble, yet profound philosophy towards life, death and what lies beyond.

“I’m just an ordinary human being whose curiosity about human existence beyond death led me to extraordinary experience. . . . If there is any difference between you and me it is only that my curiosity has already led me to explore and know what lies beyond death in the Afterlife,” he states.

As a former engineer with the Coors Brewing Company, he later became a disciple of Robert Monroe, where he voyaged past the edge of life, using many of the the techniques he learned at the Monroe Institute.

In his application of the Monroe groundbreaking methods, Bruce Moen often project himself out of his body to travel beyond death into new realms of existence. His travels allow him to access knowledge available only to brave out-of-body explorers.

Through his books and his lectures, he takes his audience to places where he ventures to the center of the Earth, to develop a unique understanding of how astrology really works, and even make contact with extraterrestrials.

You will also find Mr. Moen relates numerous incredible experiences of discovery such as meeting his dead grandmother, aiding lost souls to find their way to the afterlife, beginning a “ghost-busting” service, and gaining a fuller, more complete understanding of the regions of the nonphysical, to name but a few.

He has even encountered now-deceased Robert Monroe in his travels into the beyond, which made for thrilling adventure into the unknown.

Bruce Moen has built a career assisting others to profoundly understand the death process and what can be discovered on the other side. On about ten to fifteen occasions annually, he travels around the world to lead devotees in his Afterlife workshops, teaching others the proven techniques shared in of his many books.

“The most important thing I discovered,” Bruce says, “is that human beings with curiosity can learn to explore the Afterlife and find the truth for themselves.”

Bruce Moen has authored six books to date which include:

• Voyages into the Unknown (Exploring the Afterlife Series, Vol. 1)

• Voyage Beyond Doubt (Exploring the Afterlife Series , Vol. 2)

• Voyage into the AfterLife (Exploring the Afterlife Series, Vol. 3)

• Charting Unknown Territory

• Voyage to Curiosity’s Father (Exploring the Afterlife Series)

• AfterLife Knowledge Guidebook: A Manual for the Art of Retrieval and Afterlife Exploration