Long-term Meditation and the Brain

meditationThe article we found on the MedicalXpress.com website may not surprise many of our readers, but it is encouraging to see things like this appear in a very mainstream medical website.

In an article entitled “Long-term meditation leads to different brain organization”, the author reveals that several studies “have shown that this type of meditation may have beneficial effects on long-term emotional stability and, consequently, on disorders such as anxiety and major depression.”

The article provides a lot of information on how one particular study was carried out and ends on this note. Veronica Taylor, the lead author of the study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Advance Access in March 2012 says”

“There is still much to discover about the power of meditation,” she says. In the meantime, she suggests everyone take it up. “It doesn’t cost anything and you can meditate anywhere and anytime… and the benefits are real.”

OBE Techiques [Video]

Some people get too hung up on how to get out of their body thinking it is a complex process that must be done a certain way.

The reality of it is there are as many ways as there are people trying to get out. So don’t make it too complicated – get yourself out of the way – and let it happen.

Here’s a simple video to give you some ideas. Remember – Don’t be dogmatic about this!

OBE Technigues – William Buhlman

William BuhlmanWe keep featuring William Buhlman here since he is such an expert on the out of body experience. One of his first books on the subject was Adventures Beyond the Body which was published in 1996. Since then he has given hundreds of workshops around the country and is a trainer at The Monroe Institute established by another pioneer in OBE, Robert Monroe.

Our friend Ali Wylie has posted another podcast called Astral Projection – OBE Methods – William Buhlman on Podomatic which is well worth the listen whether you’re new to this or an old timer.

OBE with Dr. Dan Matthews [Video]

After a near death experience, a lot changes occur, at least according to those who have had this experience. One such person is Dan Matthews who had his in August 1992 and came back on a mission to help people reconnect to the parts of their soul which have been fragmented since the dawn of time and move gracefully through shifting paradigms with a complete connection to the God Presence within.

Here is how Dr. Matthews describes the reason he is doing the work he is doing:

“At the dawn of time (the downfall) man lost consciousness to knowing of the God Presence within and the first paradigm of consciousness came into being. This paradigm created the drama and confusion that has driven the most primal human actions and, as a result, humans have evolved to think with the mind and take actions based on the beliefs given to us through the ego. This original disconnection is where the roots of fear, anxiety, anger, loneliness and depression that fill most human experiences first began. This disconnection is not required. HOLY DIVINE HEALING can help you reacquire the consciousness you lost at the dawn of time.”

As might be expected, Dr. Matthews also has out-of-body experiences (OBE) and shares one of these experiences in a video on his site. You can watch the first one below. Then let us know what you think.

Ancient Structures Altered Sound and Mind, Says Researchers

In a March article published in Popular Archaeology,  monumental structures were built to manipulate sound for sensory and mind effects, revealed in recent research. Read full article from the magazine.

Ancient StructuresWhen the builders of monumental structures designed their monumental buildings, they did so not only for usage of space and visual impact but to produce certain sensory effects and manipulate sound.

The article explains how archaeologists studied a 6,000-year-old stone structure complex known as the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum on the island of Malta, and discovered that the interior spaces produce interesting effects.

The article goes on to describe how low voices within its walls create eerie, reverberating echoes, and a sound made or words spoken in certain places can be clearly heard throughout all of its three levels.

“Now, scientists are suggesting that certain sound vibration frequencies created when sound is emitted within its walls are actually altering human brain functions of those within earshot.”

Also revealed are some more interesting findings:

“The findings indicated that at 110 Hz the patterns of activity over the prefrontal cortex abruptly shifted, resulting in a relative deactivation of the language center and a temporary shifting from left to right-sided dominance related to emotional processing and creativity.”

Read full article from Popular Archeaology.