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Astral Travel vs “Doing Nothing”

Quantum Teleportation Record Shattered


It is not a fully developed Start Trek technology ready to beam you and your dog to another planet, yet Chinese engineers have recently set a milestone for quantum teleportation, as reported in the international news.

By successfully pairing particles over a distance of 97km, scientists were able to transfer the state of one particle to another.

This process does not involve the same physical object disappearing and reappearing in a new location, but rather “quantum entanglement”, an event where particles act as one system despite being two separate entities.

In this experiment on teleportation, a photon transmitted its quantum state to another photon, which became a clone of the original.

Such a feat highlights the potential for instant data transfers, making the transfer more secure, and then giving government agencies a more improved way to transmit classified information.

“Our result represents an important step towards a global quantum network,” says the paper published by researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China in Shanghai.

Quantum entanglement in the lab, has been difficult for most scientists to study. The paired particles, known as ‘qubits’, can easily become untangled due to disturbences such as air turbulence, and other factors, and this risk increases over distance.

But this group of engineers claim to have overcome these challenges using a 1.3 watt laser to ensure the beam connecting the twin photons stays on target.

Using this technique, the team was able to “teleport” more than 1100 photons across a lake in China, smashing the previous record of 16km, which was set by a different group of Chinese researchers in 2010.

While full-scale teleportation of humans in the style of Star Trek may be some way off, this team of engineers already has its sights set on satellite-based cryptography.

“Our results show that even with high-loss ground to satellite up-link channels, quantum teleportation can be realised,” says the paper.

This procedure could provide super-secure communications all around the world.

Read More about this Quantum Teleportation Experiment Here

An OBE Experience about Karen659

Readers who have been with us for awhile, know we have written many posts about a lady named Karen and she has guest posted for us as well ( She writes an amazing blog called Travels of a Dream Walker at

Now, on the Astral Projectors Facebook page one of the people who often posts very interesting stories about his experiences, Chilupian Silfino, had an OBE in which he mentioned Karen’s name and the other being in the experience knew exactly who he was talking about.

But before we share his story, here is an excerpt from a play written by a very wise man a long time ago. What did he know?. And who is he?

O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!

And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Fits right in to Chilupian’s story:

Chilupian Silfino
12:10am May 18
May 14

Karen Sixfivenine …yes named this experience after our dear karen….

I was out of body felt only slight vibrations. Everything was very dark so I touched the walls untill they were visible. I got to a mirror and was surprised to see my self looking as I look in the physical. No scars, no zombie looking thing in the mirror. ( I used to always see my reflections in the astral and I looked horrific so this was a great thing and it made me very happy)

I kept investigating this apt I was in. I tried reading
something left on a table but reading was hard. The letters would get very clear but i would forget the words right after reading them! I tried to read them a few times but could not memorize it. I wanted to memorize what I read to investigate it in the physical.

I noticed a memory chip on a desk that was really advanced looking. It was very light and bendable, but not breakable! I remember one point I tried to fly but wasn’t able to.

When I was about to leave a lady, Hispanic looking enters the room. She might have been a cleaning lady. I got the nerve to approach her and asked if she knew of Karen sixfivenine. She said admired her as well. I made sure to ask correctly thinking how could this person know of Karen? When I said Karen, then six… and five, nine, the lady repeated it with me mentally. I told her I was chilupian and we were out of body. But the lady seemed to fade away.. There were other lady’s there too but they seemed perplexed. I awoke with very slight vibrations in my physical body

Ancient Structures Altered Sound and Mind, Says Researchers

In a March article published in Popular Archaeology,  monumental structures were built to manipulate sound for sensory and mind effects, revealed in recent research. Read full article from the magazine.

Ancient StructuresWhen the builders of monumental structures designed their monumental buildings, they did so not only for usage of space and visual impact but to produce certain sensory effects and manipulate sound.

The article explains how archaeologists studied a 6,000-year-old stone structure complex known as the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum on the island of Malta, and discovered that the interior spaces produce interesting effects.

The article goes on to describe how low voices within its walls create eerie, reverberating echoes, and a sound made or words spoken in certain places can be clearly heard throughout all of its three levels.

“Now, scientists are suggesting that certain sound vibration frequencies created when sound is emitted within its walls are actually altering human brain functions of those within earshot.”

Also revealed are some more interesting findings:

“The findings indicated that at 110 Hz the patterns of activity over the prefrontal cortex abruptly shifted, resulting in a relative deactivation of the language center and a temporary shifting from left to right-sided dominance related to emotional processing and creativity.”

Read full article from Popular Archeaology.

Fifth Element Diva song

Over a quarter of a million people have listened to this song already and we wanted to share it with you in case you’ve missed it.

A combination of live opera and CG opera = Opera Trance Music.

Many people report shifts from subtle to profound when listening to it. In all cases, a wonderful music to listen to as you begin the process of shifting into your OBE mode.


OBE Workshop in Ireland

OBEs, out-of-body-experiences, or astral travel – no matter what you call them, they have been fascinating people since the beginning.

Around the world, people come together to learn and share experiences as they explore this other dimension that is so fascinating.

Here’s a beautiful video of an intensive workshop in Ireland held in November 2011.

Enjoy the video and as always, we’d love to hear your comments.

William Buhlman Podcast – Keys to Control

William BuhlmanAnother podcast by our friend Ali-Wings from Astral with William Buhlman.

This one is called Keys to Control and is part of a OBE troubleshooting series that covers common issues:

Ever had problems when you’re out-of-body? Blurred vision, movement problems, heaviness, recall difficulties…. the problems seem endless! Look no further – Presenting Part 1 of William Buhlman’s OBE trouble-shooting guide.

Since William is one of the masters of OBE and training for OBE, it’s well worth the listen.

Thanks again to Ali-Wings for putting up the podcast.