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Astral Travel vs “Doing Nothing”

Dealing with Death

No matter what your spiritual or religious outlook, what we refer to as “death” is a concept that most people still have trouble understanding.  It becomes more difficult when the death is of someone who is close to us since we may feel the loss more deeply.

For some, the loss can be bridged by using the greater aspect of what we are to communicate with the one departed thereby relieving ourselves of concern for the departed.

I just received a note that one of our Gateway friends had gone through the loss of her father by using her experience and expertise in astral projection. She has written a  lovely blog post on the Astral Projection website in which she shares this experience.

Here is an excerpt:

Our Dad is alive and kicking, albeit without a physical body, he made sure and is still making sure that this message is getting across. He had to discard his physical body due to illness but he is still with us. Signs from the beyond tell us that our loved ones are well.

The whole post is worth the read. maybe it will help you or someone you know in dealing with death.

Astral Travel vs Doing Nothing

astral travelReading through some blog posts on astral travel got me to thinking about the whole idea of why this technique can be useful for many people.

Problem solving is something we all struggle with to some extent and I have found that I am most effective when I do one of the focus disciplines I have learned over the years. No matter what it is, it always requires me to be still.

One of my favorite is to sit in a fairly darkened room and trance myself with a candle flame. Once that state is reached, when all the voices in my head have had their say and are quiet, answers some times come within moments.

The answer takes only moments; it’s the getting to the state that I can receive them that takes the time, and effort. This can take half and hour or more, and sometimes even then I can’t get to the state I need to be in. This is all time that I am supposedly “doing nothing”.

What I know many people have trouble with is this taking the time to “do nothing”. We, in the Western world, are driven by a combination of the Protestant work ethic and a persistent state of ADD. We can’t sit still. We have to be doing something. We might be missing someone texting us, or posting on our Facebook page: God forbid we miss that!

We have all these jobs to do and people to meet and things to say and TV to watch and on and on. “Sit and look at a candle for an hour? What a waste of valuable time!”, I hear you saying. The point that is missed is that doing those focus exercises is anything but “doing nothing”. To do them well takes a tremendous amount of effort. Try it for a few minutes. Try to stop the constant flow of thought for 5 seconds. Try to hold one image for 10 seconds.

Since I know all of this and have experienced all this, the idea of how using astral travel or OBE instead might be appealing to some people. My focus exercises take time out of my “busy” day. Astral travel takes place at night when I sleeping anyway. So, presto, I have solved the “time wasting” issue since, when sleeping, I’m not doing anything anyway, right?

This is all a bit tongue-in-cheek, but anything that helps someone deal with their issues and get answers to important problems can’t be all bad. Even in our busy society, people still say, when asked to make a tough decision, “Let me sleep on it.” Singer found his solution to his sewing machine problem in a dream. Many others have done the same. So can you; or you can program an out-of-body experience to bring you the answer.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat – and get a problem solved.

Happy travels!

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Learning Astral Travel

astral travelA really valid question when someone is first introduced to the concept of astral travel, or out-of-body experience, is, “Why learn how to do them?” That question has as many answers as there are people asking.

My First Astral Travel – Short and Sweet!

For me it was simply the adventure of seeing if it was possible. I began with the following exercise: I ate some fairly salty stuff just before going to be and then put a glass of water out on the kitchen counter. I went to bed and told myself to remember where the water was.

The experience was short and sweet because when I found “myself” hovering near the glass of water, I was so shocked I slammed back into my bed! But, I had done it.

But There is More…Much more!

There is, however, much more to it than simple amusement. It is, first and foremost, a way to prove to yourself that you are greater than your body. It opens a door to a different reality which is ours, and one that is always accessible to us. For some, this is the proof they need that there is some sort of spiritual self. It is, for some, touching the hem of God’s garment.

And for others it gets to the crux of the question about life after…life. Here’s how one very experienced astral traveler who calls her self Karen659, one of our favorite guest bloggers, puts it in a recent post on the Astral Projection Blog:

There is no doubt at all now, and it is such peace of mind and comfort to absolutely, positively KNOW that we will continue on after death and in an even higher level of performance than we currently have now.

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