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Explorers who have used Hemi-Sync technology.

Programs for Exploring Personal Development

Monroe Institute Founder Robert MonroeThe early successes from Robert Monroe’s unique combination of smart business sense and extraordinary faculty for having keen control over out of body experiences, which he liked to call “non-physical realities” provided germination for several learning programs and hundreds of audio products now well  known worldwide. These programs and products continue to change and enhance the lives of hundreds of attendees of the Monroe Institute and thousands of listeners of Hemi-Sync® audio tapes and CDs.

Supernatural or “Out of Body” experiences were, back in Monroe’s time (1950’s), considered taboo to talk openly about to the uninitiated. There was a strong need in that time to seek support and form friendships with other like minded individuals who had similar experiences.

Documented in his books, Journeys Out of The Body, Far Journeys, and Ultimate Journey, Robert Monroe describes his rare ability to leave his body regularly, how all humans possess this ability and sets forth a new purpose to establish a set of protocols for discerning when these experiences occur and how they could be nuanced, or initiated. Even more importantly from his writings and life-work, we learn his drive was to make the “non-physical aspect” predictably experienced by anyone who was curious enough to try it.

After years of work and research started by Monroe, several specialized audio titles released with his patented Hem-Sync® technology now address the uncommon non-religious places of personal development – Where do we go when we sleep? Where do we go when we die? Can we see and interact with non-physical / spiritual entities? Can we see into the future? Can we remote view and influence certain events?

It is important to note that while other researchers have made important contributions to the field of brain entrainment for this “spiritual” part of personal development, Robert Monroe’s work spans close to 5 decades in scientific and clinical research .

For those who wish to enrich their own quests in personal development, take a look at these materials that have come from Robert Monroe and his research institute so far:


Lucid Dreaming DVD

Hemi-Sync Lucid DreamingThis four-exercise series on DVD is designed to teach you how to program and conciously participate in your own personal dreamscape. Clinical research suggests that focusing on the dream you wish to experience while remembering that you can consciously participate in your dream state can dramatically increase your chance for success.

The Lucid Dreaming Series provides a substantial advantage for those interested in lucid dreaming by incorporating the Hemi-Sync sound technologies from Monroe Porducts. These exercises were designed to facilitate the brain wave states found in naturally occuring sleep cycles.

Each of the first three exercises is 90 minutes in length. With the expanded capacity of DVD, Exercise Four is designed for a full eight-hour sleep period to support your lucid dreaming practice. Requires a DVD player.


The Gateway Experience Complete Set (18 CDs or Download)

The Gateway Experience Set Contains 18 CDs

After years of research and experimentation, the Gateway Experience was carefully crafted and refined in the audio laboratories at the Monroe Institute.

It is based upon the core program offered at the Monroe Institute, known as the Gateway Voyage®, which has been taught for the past thirty years.

Buy The Gateway Experience at

Support for Journeys Out of BodyHemi-Sync Support for Journeys Out of The Body – 6 CDs

Hemi-Sync® Support for Journeys Out of the Body is an in-home training series that evokes heightened states with the support of Hemi-Sync® audio-guidance and helps listeners achieve the experience of the non physical. With practice, one can be brought up to the borderland sleep state, and through it, to experience the out-of-body state with full conscious awareness.


View The Complete Line of Hemi-Sync CDs and Downloads.

Quantum Teleportation Record Shattered


It is not a fully developed Start Trek technology ready to beam you and your dog to another planet, yet Chinese engineers have recently set a milestone for quantum teleportation, as reported in the international news.

By successfully pairing particles over a distance of 97km, scientists were able to transfer the state of one particle to another.

This process does not involve the same physical object disappearing and reappearing in a new location, but rather “quantum entanglement”, an event where particles act as one system despite being two separate entities.

In this experiment on teleportation, a photon transmitted its quantum state to another photon, which became a clone of the original.

Such a feat highlights the potential for instant data transfers, making the transfer more secure, and then giving government agencies a more improved way to transmit classified information.

“Our result represents an important step towards a global quantum network,” says the paper published by researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China in Shanghai.

Quantum entanglement in the lab, has been difficult for most scientists to study. The paired particles, known as ‘qubits’, can easily become untangled due to disturbences such as air turbulence, and other factors, and this risk increases over distance.

But this group of engineers claim to have overcome these challenges using a 1.3 watt laser to ensure the beam connecting the twin photons stays on target.

Using this technique, the team was able to “teleport” more than 1100 photons across a lake in China, smashing the previous record of 16km, which was set by a different group of Chinese researchers in 2010.

While full-scale teleportation of humans in the style of Star Trek may be some way off, this team of engineers already has its sights set on satellite-based cryptography.

“Our results show that even with high-loss ground to satellite up-link channels, quantum teleportation can be realised,” says the paper.

This procedure could provide super-secure communications all around the world.

Read More about this Quantum Teleportation Experiment Here

Nancy McMoneagle Bio

For those of you already using The Gateway Experience, or contemplating it, reading about Nancy McMoneagle fits right in. She is the step-daughter of Robert Monroe, and after college, helped her “mentor”, as she called Robert, establish the program that became Gateway Voyage.

Gateway Voyage is the residential program (one of many) that still runs at The Monroe Institute in Virgina and which is the basis for The Gateway Experience. She has had a fascinating life, and she and Joe must be equally a fascinating couple to know!

As an Honors student at Wittenberg University, she got to design her own curriculum. Here’s how she describes part of it:

My course design included studying in France at the University of Nice, and in Kyoto, Japan, at a Zen Buddhist monastery. Then, as now, I was interested in understanding the spiritual nature of humankind; well, actually, exploring and understanding the sacred in all beings.

Here’s a picture I “stole” from their website. They say it’s not current, but then time and age are illusions anyway, right?

The gateway Experience and the McMoneagles

Joe McMoneagle Bio

Here’s a link to a short business bio on Joe McMoneagle who is one of the people on the “Explorers” page of this site.

Here is a passage from that bio (his site also has a personal bio as well):

With a career spanning 34 years, Mr. McMoneagle has provided professional support to the Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Drug Enforcement Agency, Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Customs, the National Security Council, and most major command within the Department of Defense. Twenty of those years have been within paranormal operations, as viewer No. 001 (372).

He continues his work in the paranormal with the company Cognitive Sciences Lab which, he says is, “…continuing to dig very deeply into the mystery behind psychic functioning and other paranormal phenomena.”

Rosie McKnight and the Gateway Voyage

Rosie McKnight was in the right place at the right time when she met Bob Monroe and found herself experimenting in what was later to develop into the Gateway Voyage and then the Gateway Experience.

She was, like all Bob Monroe’s explorers, open to the idea of exploring areas outside “normal” consciousness.

And that is the journey we call The Gateway Experience.

Listen to Rosie talk about some of her experiences. and then read more about her as one of The Explorers.


By her own admission, Rosalind A. McKnight just happened to be “at the right place, at the right time.” That is how she recalls when her long association with famed out-of-body researcher Robert Monroe began.

She had already graduated from Manchester College in Indiana, where she had majored in Peace Studies and Sociology and then had earned her Mastery of Divinity degree at the prestigious Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

At age 25, with an inquisitive mind and a exploratory nature, she sought a new challenge in her life when she moved from New York to the state of Virginia.

Soon she met Robert Monroe which led to a new a whole dimension of exploration for her. For eleven years, from 1972 to 1983, she worked in the early days at the Monroe Institute® (TMI), doing extensive research in the laboratory into the vast non-physical dimensions of consciousness.

She helped significantly to further the understanding of human consciousness and to demonstrate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are more than our physical bodies. She became known as one of Robert Monroe’s “explorers”.

As a practical man, Mr. Monroe was resistant to using anything but scientific principles and data for his research. This is where Rosalind McKnight became most important by offering her spiritual perspective, as way to counter-balance their work together. She has said often they were a good team.

While at the same time working at the Monroe Institute®, Rosalind McKnight was a part-time instructor at Blue Ridge Community College, Central Virginia Community College, and Virginia Western Community College. She taught courses in extrasensory perception (ESP), parapsychology, and death and dying.

She also founded the Creative Living Institute and became its director, sponsoring conferences and seminars throughout Virginia on various personal growth topics

Her initial book, “Cosmic Journeys: My Out-Of-Body Explorations with Robert A. Monroe”, published in 1999, is the result of her years of pioneering research work with Robert Monroe. It was not until after his death in 1995, that she felt compelled to write her own series of books.

Rosie, as she prefers to be called, published her second and latest book, “Soul Journeys: My Guided Tours through the Afterlife” in 2004.

Here she shares her explorations of non-human energy systems, interactions with highly evolved beings, concepts about the makeup of the many levels of the universe, views of the afterlife and the animal dimensions, the nature of healing and guidance, a look at the future, and much more.

“My key is joy. One of my (spiritual) guides gave me this affirmation,” Rosie McKnight explains. “I am light, manifested in love, expressed in joy, joy, joy: we come from the light dimension (which is God’s dimension), and then we manifest into this Earth through love, and then we express ourselves here through joy.”

Somewhere, perhaps in some other dimension, Robert Monroe must be quite proud of his protégé, Rosalind A. McKnight, who passed this plane on February 11, 2010.

Skip Atwater talks about Robert Monroe

Skip Atwater has the perfect background to be the President of The Monroe Institute.

During his time in the US military as a U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent, he visited the Institute and had his first experience with Hemi-Sync and what was known as the gateway Voyage, TMI’s in-house program. It is this program that has become the home study course called The Gateway Experience.

Skip talks about this first meeting with Robert Monroe in this short video.


F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater has had a long association with Robert Monroe. Like others before him, he migrated to the Monroe Institute from the STARGATE Project, which was the CIA directed experiment and application of remote viewing in counter espionage, conducted during the late 1970’s and 1980’s.

For ten years Skip Atwater was the Operations and Training Officer for this secret remote-viewing program. He recruited and trained an elite cadre of professional intelligence officers to do remote viewing for the Department of Defense and various members of the national intelligence community. He planned, conducted, and reported thousands of remote viewing intelligence-collection missions.

His upbringing in a spiritually oriented family environment, allowed a young Skip Atwater to experience many extraordinary psychic adventures. Subsequently, these childhood experiences allowed him to thrive in the STARGATE Project when he entered it as a young adult.

In 1977, as a representative of the military on a fact-finding mission, he first met Robert Monroe, who introduced him to the Hemi-Sync® technology in one of his laboratories. With headphones on and music playing in his ears, Skip went into the “body asleep/mind awake” state where he had quite an unusual and extraordinary experience, as he felt the bed rise up he was laying upon.

“After a period of time.. my entire perspective changed and I was in a boundless, open white space watching myself,” he described of that eventful day.

“And it was very meaningful, like, ‘wherever you go, there you are’. At that time, in this state of consciousness, it was (as if) I’ve come all of this way to find out I am already here,” he said of this revelation he felt. “I was so involved in this journey, I had completely forgotten about Mr. Monroe. I felt so embarrassed.”

After retiring from the Army, Skip Atwater began to work with Robert Monroe and participated in experiments and research into the realms of human consciousness which led him to adopt a spiritual perspective in his own life. Eventually, he was appointed as Research Director of the Monroe Institute.

In his roll as Director, he published technical research on methods for expanding consciousness, and authored the inspirational book, “Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul: Living with Guidance” in 2001, now available as an e-book.

He has assisted hundreds of individuals in experiencing and exploring expanded states of consciousness through the Hem-Sync® and other technologies, pioneered and invented by Robert Monroe.

Today, Skip Atwater guides the Monroe Institute boldly into the future as its President and Treasurer.

Learn more about Monroe Institute Programs


Explorer: David Morehouse


At one time, David Morehouse was one of America’s top psychic spies for the CIA. For over five years, he served in the CIA’s remote viewing program, “Sunstreak” conducted out of Fort Meade, Marlyand.

He was transferred into this classified unit of the CIA in the 1980’s, after serving as a commander for the Army Rangers in the Middle East, when he suffered a serious head injury. During his recovery, he discovered he had apparent and exceptional psychic powers.

Now, Dr. David Morehouse, PhD, has become one of the leading experts in the world on remote viewing and has authored four books and conducts workshops and training seminars across the country.

His books include “Nonlethal Weapons, War Without Death”; the international bestseller, “Pyschic Warrior: Inside the CIA’s Stargate Program: The True Story of a Soldier’s Espionage and Awakening”; and “Remote Viewing: The Complete User’s Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing,” published in 2007.

He also is the subject of an upcoming movie based on his first work of fiction entitled, “The Deceivers,” which was recently purchased by Paramount Pictures with Mace Neufeld producing and Simon West directing..

“Remote Viewing is a tool for transformation, a doorway to another world, a world within. You can live life without the illusion of yesterday or tomorrow; you can see past the suffering and fear to an existence of infinite promise and possibility,” David Morehouse writes.

During his days in Project Sunstreak, then onto another secret program the “Stargate Project,” David Morehouse worked on hundreds of cases, from searching for a Soviet jet that crashed in the jungle carrying an atomic bomb, to tracking suspected double agents.

By far his most famous case was helping to determine the cause of the downing of the Pan Am flight #103, that crashed in Locherbie, Scotland in 1989.

“I was sent to a special access program, code named Sunstreak at that time and trained to be one of America’s top secret psychic spies, called remote viewers,” he recalls.

Project Stargate was the code name for one of several sub-projects established by the U.S. Federal Government to investigate the reality, and potential military and domestic applications, of psychic phenomena, particularly remote viewing. By employing their unique and gifted abilities, participates in these programs were able to psychically “see” events, sites, or information from a great distance.

These projects were active from the 1970s through 1995, and followed up early psychic research done at The Stanford Research Institute (SRI), The American Society for Psychical Research, and other psychical research labs.

“Exactly what remote viewing is allowing someone to do is to see is persons, places or things, distant in space-time. And to gather information about that and to be able to describe that in very interesting and very wonderful terms,” Dr. Morehouse says.

These days, David Morehouse spends his time training tens of thousands of others in remote viewing techniques. He has also produced a series of audio products including the “Remote Viewing Home Study” course.

A very diverse cross section of people are drawn to David Morehouse’s training seminars including medical doctors, researchers in science, medicine and technology, engineers, homemakers, physicists, students, artists, and alternative practitioners, to name just a few.

His teachings and writings have been especially well received throughout Europe, where his reputation and his evolving humanistic philosophies have earned him countless accolades in the European Press where he is routinely described as “one of Europe’s leading new metaphysicians.”

David Morehouse’s work is fascinating and engaging and offers a glimpse of what can be possible when remote viewing techniques are used, not only by government spies, but in normal, everyday applications within your own life.