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The Gateway Experience® In-Home Training Course

The Gateway Experience

View Larger Image of The Gateway Experience 18 CDsThe Gateway Experience 18 CD Set

The Gateway Experience® In-Home Training Course also known as the The Gateway Experience Complete Set is one of the flagship products of the Monroe Institute. It was invented and developed by Robert Monroe, founder of the world renowned Monroe Institute (Faber, VA) and  Monroe Products (Lovingston, VA).

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In a word, the Gateway Experience is amazing! And that is easy to say simply because it has been scientifically and clinically proven in its ability to harness the power of human potential and to transform one’s life in spectacular ways.

After years of research and experimentation, the Gateway Experience was carefully crafted and refined in the laboratories at the Monroe Institute.Buy The Gateway Experience at

It is based upon the core program offered at the Monroe Institute, known as the Gateway Voyage®, which has been taught for the past thirty years.

The Gateway Voyage® is an extraordinary six day intensive that brings together all of the most advanced discoveries and technologies that were pioneered by Robert Monroe, one of the world’s greatest authorities into expanding human consciousness.

Taken directly from the Gateway Voyage®  program came the Gateway Experience® In-Home Training Course, which was whittled down from the full six days to about 22 hours and spread over 18 CD’s.

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The 18 CD’s are also segmented into Waves, where each wave is comprised of 3 CD’s that can be worked into a listener’s schedule incrementally:

Wave I – Discovery ($99.00)

Wave II – Threshold ($99.00)

Wave III – Freedom ($99.00)

Wave IV – Adventure ($99.00)

Wave V – Exploring Focus 15 ($99.00)

Wave VI – Odyssey ($99.00)


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Sleepsonic Stereo Speaker Pillow - Learn MoreWith that much material included on the Gateway Experience® set, it is most beneficial to use tools to help optimize your listening experience while working with this amazing audio technology.

Many people do not have problems using a pair of high quality digital stereo headphones. However, more and more people find it cumbersome to have a closed earcup on their heads especially during the night.

That’s where the state-of-the-art Sleepsonic® Headphones in a Pillow becomes the perfect complement to enhance your comprehension and absorption of all of the exercises with the Gateway Experience®.

Developed by two entrepreneurial and inventive minds the inventors of Sleepsonic® first created the pillows for their own personal explorations while using the Gateway Experience CD set.

The Sleepsonic® Pillow Headphones has been tested and refined to provide the most comfort and ease when working with the Gateway Experience® recordings. Sleepsonic was created as an effective alternative to bulky headphones or earbud inserts that can have detrimental effects to a healthy hearing condition.

Today, Sleepsonic® is offered as an accessory to participants at the Monroe Institute. It is also offered in the Monroe Products catalog and website as an effective alternative tool while listening to Hemi-Sync® audio programs and Metamusic while in bed. Sleepsonic® has gained popularity not only to lucid dream and consciousness explorers, but also to those with sleep problems such as insomnia, tinnitus and sleep apnea.

The Sleepsonic® is a pair of digital stereo headphones embedded in a custom designed pillow. Its gold plated male connector easily plugs into your stereo, CD player, mp3 player or computer headphone jack.

You will rest in maximum comfort on a high quality foam pillow, coupled with a pair of highend, digital stereo headphones speakers with Innovative Sound Delivery™ design that you will find conveniently placed to either side of your head.

As you lie back and place your head on your Sleepsonic®, you will feel relaxed while allowing the Gateway Experience® exercises take you on an extraordinary journey! Sleepsonic® allows you to move your head from side to side without the discomfort of regular headphones or earbuds. You still get the benefit, since the brain has the capacity to hear the lowest frequency possible.

The Sleepsonic® Pillow comes in three sizes: Mini, Regular Size. You also can choose several different fabric covers including: Brocade Quilt or the natural Cotton Quilt. Mini-pillows come with either Organic Sherpa cotton or plain cotton pillowcases.

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Sleepsonic® and the Gateway Experience: a truly winning combination, specially designed for you!

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Wave VI – Odyssey

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Taking the Odyssey to Higher Levels

In Wave VI – Odyssey – 3 CDs (6 exercises), we arrive prepared with all the knowledge we gained in the previous lessons.  We continue exploring our self in what is called Locale 1 using Focus 12. to learn about the Energy Body, which some calls the Second Body.

The exercises are intended to give you more confidence and trust in your own wisdom. If there are any doubts or fears that crop up here, you can always revisit Focus 10 Exercise 4 Release and Recharge to address them. Again, patience is the key and learning to trust your self along the way.

There are also other exercises you may wish to re-take, and it can only be to do them when you have the thought to do them.

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Wave V – Exploring

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More About Wave V Exploring

Wave V – Exploring (6 CDs – 6 Exercises) is all about new explorations, or potentially explorations of unknowns in a new light. Our new explorer (you), is now ready to embark upon a different set of Hemi-Sync frequencies that leads to Focus 15.

Monroe called this Focus 15 a state where time is non-existent. One is said to be just being.  One is not aware of anything else other than being there, wherever there maybe. The physical body and its senses are shut down from one’s awareness.

There are important lessons and exercises in Wave V that help the explorer advance from the other previously learned Wave exercises. As though, everything can happen all at the same time and becoming more alert and aware, ready for the next adventure. Many new discoveries of self are beginning to surface. The more you relax, the deeper your focus and awareness get.

Keep Exploring at Your own Pace

You probably will not wait for the next moment to experience more, but be patient. Keep the exercise flowing naturally. You will get “there” in “no time.” So, enjoy every moment and the innocence of the first experience.

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Wave IV – Adventure

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More About Wave IV – Adventure

AdventureIn Wave IV – Adventure (3 CDs – 6 Exercises) we continue the adventure into the Gateway Experience program. Here we apply everything learned in Wave I, Wave II, Wave III and Wave IV. All of the techniques taught thus far, are beneficial to the individual’s progress during the course of their listening exercises.

These benefits becomes apparent in one’s daily life, as awareness of themselves and their environment increase. Especially as experiences build each time they engage the process, a sense of wonderment makes one stop to ask, “is this real”? Developing such abilities as NVC short for non-verbal communication or telepathy) can be very thrilling. More than this, the ability to sense that there is something other than the “usual” self, starts emerging. Some people call this the “Higher Self.” This is a good thing!

Keep moving forward and you shall soon find out for yourself, answers to questions, only you can know. The exercises in Wave IV gives one plenty to work with in designing a life that one can imagine possible.

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Wave III – Freedom

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Wave III – Freedom (3 CDs – 6 Exercises). It is assumed that the listener has taken Waves I and II exercises and have gained the confidence to move forward and tackle Wave III Freedom exercises. These exercises facilitate the listener’s entry to further self exploration with ease.

With the steps learned in the previous Waves I and II, one can easily romp to and fro “another world” your own – that you can create and have some control over. It is recommended that everything is approached in a light-hearted manner, and the eagerness to explore will build more easily from here on.

In using Focus 12, all the exercises learned will enhance the listener’s ability to relax both body and mind and gain the confidence to go further. The ideas of remote viewing and projecting self out of the physical body will become second nature through these exercises, preparing the listener for advance exercises in consciousness.

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Wave II – Threshold

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More about The Threshold – Stepping Into the Unknown with Wave II

Wave II – Threshold (3 CDs – 6 Exercises) is the set of exercises introducing the listener to Focus 12. In Focus 12, one’s awareness becomes more expanded beyond physical matters, while being aware of the environment at the same time. Entrance to the energetic realms is easier with the help of the Focus 12 Hemi-Sync frequencies.

Focus 12 is a training state to using a different energy source for many different purposes such as problem solving and setting short term goals in life.  We also learn about color breathing in Focus 12, a technique developed by Robert Monroe to increase energy and facilitate healing of both body and mind. This is further sharpened with another tool, the Living Body Map.

It is easier to explore awareness in the non-physical level when the physical body is in a state of balance or homeostasis. All these exercises becomes easier to achieve when we have a deeper understanding of what their purposes are.

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Wave I – Discovery

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More about Wave I – Discovery

Wave I – Discovery (3 CDs – 6 Exercises) contains the following exercises to introduce the listener to the first steps in discovering this experience – Orientation, Introduction to Focus 10, Advanced Focus 10, Release and Recharge, Exploration Sleep and Focus 10 Free Flow.

Wave 1 – Discovery is the foundation and building block that helps train the listener to totally relax the body and mind. With the help of Hemi-Sync and the audio guidance in each of the CD track. it is easy to enter these states of relaxation and increase the listener’s confidence level.

The listener first experience Focus 3, the whole brain state, and then Focus 10, where one’s mind is said to be awake and the body asleep.

Discovery of your Fears can Help You in the Next Wave

The listener may discover certain fears they were not previously aware of. With the help of the Hemi-Sync frequencies, they can also learn to let go of these thoughts that hinder them, and move on to discover new aspects of themselves.

At the end of program, there is a Free Flowing session to practice what was learned. Visit Wave I Discoveryfor more information.

Retail Price: $99.00, Special Offer includes Free Eyemask, Shipping & Handling in USA

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