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OBE Techiques [Video]

Some people get too hung up on how to get out of their body thinking it is a complex process that must be done a certain way.

The reality of it is there are as many ways as there are people trying to get out. So don’t make it too complicated – get yourself out of the way – and let it happen.

Here’s a simple video to give you some ideas. Remember – Don’t be dogmatic about this!

William Buhlman on OBEs

If you’ve been interested in OBEs for any length of time, then you’ve run across William Buhlman and his writings, videos or workshops. He has been a trainer at The Monroe Institute (TMI) for some time and is a speaker who makes this often confusing phenomenon very easy to understand.

Here’s a video we ran across on YouTube in which he does one of the things he does best: talk about OBEs.

Enjoy and write your thoughts in the comment block under the video. We’d love to hear from you!