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Out of Body Experience

Karen659 and the Adventures of OBEs

Many of our readers know the writer of the blog called The Travels of a Dreamwalker, a true weblog of out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams.

She has guest posted here in the past and hopefully will again in the future.

I just spent some time on her blog today and, if you are not familiar with her, here’s a sample of some of the article titles:

  • Party Time! Meeting Many; Being a Writer
  • Sending Love; Flexing Door; Flying Again
  • Sending Myself Healing Energy
  • Wine Effects, Sending Energy Attempt

They are so much fun to read and what the beginner can take from them is that an out-of-body experience, far from being fearful, can be a great adventure. And as you learn how to do it, the experiences can be guided by you.

Remember these are out-of-body experiences, not out-of-mind experiences! You are always in control, and we seem to have an automatic “ejection seat” that catapults us safely back into our bodies, if we are stepping into areas we are not ready for.

Read her article Fear and the OBE, and the 4 articles that follow it, if you are a bit fearful of the journey.  And you can visit her blog and ask questions in the comment blocks – I’m know you’ll get helpful answers!

OBE Technigues – William Buhlman

William BuhlmanWe keep featuring William Buhlman here since he is such an expert on the out of body experience. One of his first books on the subject was Adventures Beyond the Body which was published in 1996. Since then he has given hundreds of workshops around the country and is a trainer at The Monroe Institute established by another pioneer in OBE, Robert Monroe.

Our friend Ali Wylie has posted another podcast called Astral Projection – OBE Methods – William Buhlman on Podomatic which is well worth the listen whether you’re new to this or an old timer.

OBE with Dr. Dan Matthews [Video]

After a near death experience, a lot changes occur, at least according to those who have had this experience. One such person is Dan Matthews who had his in August 1992 and came back on a mission to help people reconnect to the parts of their soul which have been fragmented since the dawn of time and move gracefully through shifting paradigms with a complete connection to the God Presence within.

Here is how Dr. Matthews describes the reason he is doing the work he is doing:

“At the dawn of time (the downfall) man lost consciousness to knowing of the God Presence within and the first paradigm of consciousness came into being. This paradigm created the drama and confusion that has driven the most primal human actions and, as a result, humans have evolved to think with the mind and take actions based on the beliefs given to us through the ego. This original disconnection is where the roots of fear, anxiety, anger, loneliness and depression that fill most human experiences first began. This disconnection is not required. HOLY DIVINE HEALING can help you reacquire the consciousness you lost at the dawn of time.”

As might be expected, Dr. Matthews also has out-of-body experiences (OBE) and shares one of these experiences in a video on his site. You can watch the first one below. Then let us know what you think.

Exploring Sublime States of Consciousness

Sleepsonic and The Gateway ExperienceSometimes the trance state is so sweet, like the moment you feel a lack of gravity you sense a fruitful shift into a completely different direction.

That is what many listeners of The Gateway Experience are after.  To progress using whatever natural means necessary to become proficient at the art of shifting the mind from normal human awareness into a completely new vantage point.

The Out of Body Experience is the thrilling experience you had when you  reached a new remote place of observation. It doesn’t have to be a struggle since the tools and techniques for being comfortable learning about this process are now at your disposal.

Sleepsonic Executive Black Quilt

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Since we have some experience ourselves in out of body experiences, including ones that are facilitated by Hemi-Sync materials, we always rank The Gateway Experience CD Set as one of the better programs for exploring the non-physical dimensions of self.

We also have to say that the Sleepsonic Pillow is one of the best ways to deliver the audio support you’re using for your “training” . It has helped thousands of users harness the best from the audio programs they use for explorations of sublime states of consciousness.

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[Video] William Buhlman on OBEs

If you have been into OBE for awhile, then you’ve heard of William Buhlman who is, along with Robert Monroe, definitely a pioneer in this area.

If you are new to the OBE world, then reading and listening to William is a good way to get started.

Here is the first of a series of videos that he has produced on OBE. Well worth the watch!

Enjoy and then let us know what you think. We love to hear your comments!