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Frank Demarco

Frank Demarco



Author, publisher and explorer, Frank DeMarco had an experience to remember at the Monroe Institute in 1992, that forever altered his life’s path. While attending a Gateway Voyage event, he found that his psychic abilities began to flower.

This deeply profound experience led him to engage in a first hand exploration of the nature and limits of all things psychic, especially in such areas as healing and guidance, direct access to knowledge, communication with past lives, and the integration of the spiritual dimension into everyday life.

He wrote about his experiences at the Monroe Institute in his autobiographical work “Muddy Tracks: Exploring an Unsuspected Reality”. In this book, published in 2003, he describes the first stages of his discovery of the key to expanded awareness, and offers pointers for those just beginning their quest.

Frank DeMarco holds an M.A. in History from the University of Iowa and a B.A. in History from George Washington University. For fifteen years, his work as co-founder and chief editor of Hampton Roads Publishing Company brought him into close association with many brilliant and insightful minds, including psychics, remote viewers, channelers and mystics, and showed him the human side of extraordinary abilities.

In his weblog, www.hamptonroadspub.com/blog/index.php, he shares the journey and the results of continuing explorations. His blog investigates what individuals can know first-hand about the purpose and conduct of life.

Frank DeMarco also penned the novel “Messenger”, as a sequel to James Hilton’s “Lost Horizon”.  In this fictional work, published in 1994, he presents a heartfelt and systematic account of his journey through many years to discover his higher self, so as to inspire his readers to do the same.

Frank DeMarco has authored or co-authored seven books to date, these include:

As author:

• Messenger: A Sequel to Lost Horizon: A Story of Shangri-La

• Muddy Tracks: Exploring and Unsuspected Reality

• Babe in the Woods, A Novel

• Chasing Smallwood

• The Sphere and the Hologram

• The Cosmic Internet

Wrote Prefaces:

• Under the Inquisition: An Experience Relived by Linda Tarazi, Jess Stern

• Dear Companion: The Inner Life of Martha Jefferson (River Lethe Book) by Kelly Joyce Neff

• Northumberland Dreaming: A Past Life Remembered (River Lethe Book) by Mary Rhees Mercker

5 thoughts on “Explorer: Frank De Marco

  1. Frank DeMarco

    Thanks for the ink. Some corrections, though:
    Upshifting does not exist. The material became The Sphere and the Hologram, published 2009

    Under the Inquisition, and Dear Companion, and Northumberland Dreaming have me listed here at co-author, but I am not. I wrote a Publisher’s Preface for each book.

    God’s Cell Phone Number is by Dale Matthies. I am not a co-author.

    Additional books I have written that are not listed include:
    Babe in the Woods, A Novel
    Chasing Smallwood
    The Sphere and the Hologram (as noted above)
    The Cosmic Internet

    Thanks for noting the corrections

  2. Carol Taylor

    You’re still in the area (does Palmyra count?) !
    Happy to see you at FestBook this week.
    Care to have coffee afterwards? Or will you be attending another session?
    Hope to see you–
    p.s. I think this web venue is super–well done!

  3. Harold Nils "Hal" Pelta

    Frank :
    I have been following your stellar (both definitions) career since we parted in Vineland at “Down Jersey”. Comments, in no particular order or importance :

    1. Helen and I have maintained close contact with Fran Fedrov (Fedrov the Taylor) in Vineland. You may not remember, despite your extraordinary memory, that she was our first advertiser in Down Jersey.

    2. I just re-established contact, through Fran Fedrov, with our newspaper route delivery person (and Constant Devoted Fan), Gail Robinson, who was delighted to remember us and our newspaper venture .

    3. Despite my resistance to events and things spiritual then — and even now — because of my long strict dedication*** to mathematics and science, I am slowly allowing myself to admit that there’s something to all your beliefs .

    4. *** an amusing classic Freudian Slip — I originally typed “DEIFICATION” before correcting myself.

    5. I have read many volumes in the field, and have had a few ohterwise unexplainable and (literally) chilling experiences, including the Opening of a Chakra (took a while to understand what was happening); an absolutely unmistakable major Satori (the world exploded in light as I was rounding a street corner in New York City); and several wonderful positive spiritual experiences . Helen has accompanied me on some of these. I have accompanied her during her incredible, (inexplicable) healing experience as she had half of her cerebellum removed after two severe cerebral hemorrhages, with ABSOLUTELY NO AFTER EFFECTS. All her doctors called it “a miracle”. She walked out of the hospital where the surgery was performed after a very brief time in NICU (the Neurological Intensive Care Unit) .

    6. My Universal Explanation for all that has happened has centered on an unorthodox combination of Vedanta and Kabbalah .

    Write, if you can, if you wish.

    Hal Pelta


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