Fear and the OBE

OBEWe’ve gotten another guest post from a truly remarkable traveler who writes beautifully about her experiences and shares openly with readers that may be still hesitating to explore the state we call out-of-body, or OBE.

One of the things that affects many potential travelers into OBE is Fear! It is fear of the unknown and is a common characteristic of us humans. We are afraid of what we don’t know, even if we don’t know what it is! 🙂

She says it beautifully and you can read more about her journey into the fascinating world of the OBE on her blog at www.karen659.blogspot.com. Enjoy!


I am not anyone special, just a very determined individual that wants and needs to experience the astral realm.

This is probably the most necessary focus needed for success. I cannot stress the importance of writing down everything you experience as this reinforces its importance to your subconscious mind. Keep a journal of your feelings and experiences, and take note of any similarities or other ‘signals’ that you may be overlooking.

Using affirmations is also very important in getting to do what you intend to do. You can’t just say it, you must really affirm it WITH EMOTION and strong intention – which will also impress upon your sub consciousness that it is important and should be listened to. You use affirmations both when settling into an experience, as well as when you are actually within the experience. As William Buhlman suggests, I use the affirmation, “My mind remains aware as my body falls asleep” alternating with “NOW I am out of body!!!” both said with emotion and ‘knowing’ that it WILL happen!

Once OOB, I again use Williams’ suggestion of ‘to the door!’ and ‘clarity now!’ in order to achieve movement or improved the ‘awareness’ within an experience. This takes a bit more practice to remember to use them while OOB, but as you get out more and more, it becomes easier and easier to recall and say.

Fear is most definitely the factor that stops many from experiencing the fullness of an OOBE. It is not easy to override many ingrained beliefs that one may have been raised with or have incorporated into their beliefs due to life experiences. Overcoming fear is a great obstacle for many, but once you get past that point in your experience that stops you, you find it was only YOUR mind that created the fear!

Of course, you MUST listen to what your ‘instinct’ is telling you – if you find a persistent obstacle in your experience, it may be that there is something you need to ‘fix’ in your physical life or mental outlook before you will be allowed to proceed. Go with what YOU feel…don’t let anyone else tell you what is right or wrong – they will ONLY have the experience from THEIR perspective and IMO, every single person will have an individualized learning experience. If you don’t know what is wrong or stopping you, JUST ASK the Universe to show you, and it WILL!! Just as the sages have written, “Ask and ye shall be shown”!!!

Getting to the vibrational stage or becoming ‘aware’ of hearing sounds, such as music, white noise, or even voices, is sometimes a big first step in getting OOB! We are ingrained to believe that it’s “just dreams” but if you patiently journal every dream, you will see there are many parts that are more than just our ‘imagination’! Yes, with our busy physical lives, there will be much symbolic imagery, but interspersed with those will be excerpts of ‘different sensations’ or awareness that you will be able to use as signals for becoming aware within the dream.

You will read in my experiences that I have learned to lie quietly and wait when I THINK I am awake and hearing some strange noises or feeling someone nearby. The key here is that when I THINK I am awake (and I am just not sure), THAT is generally the clue that I am NOT!! Think about it, right now you are awake and reading this post – and you have NO DOUBT that you are awake! However, when you know you are attempting to get OOB and you find yourself questioning your ‘awake’ status, THEN you are IN that ‘in-between’ state and could be ready for exit!!

If you are feeling ‘buzzing’ sensations or even the strong vibrations, just LET GO and take the ‘let’s see what happens next’ attitude!! You’ll either find yourself OOB in the near physical (if your consciousness feels you are ‘ready’ for that) or perhaps moving on into another realm that your consciousness can ‘accept’ as a possibility. (It really all depends on what your beliefs are – and how well you have been able to overcome any fear). By journaling these experiences, you will see there is a connection many times and that with practice, the obstacles are overcome and you progress in learning new information.

With journaling, you need to keep it close to where you are attempting OOBEs as your recall will slip away very quickly! Many times there are only ‘feelings’ you have from the experience and it is difficult to put into words. My technique for recall is to use one word description of each stage of the experience so that it would ‘jog my memory’ of the event when I fully awaken. As soon as you know you are back in body, keep your eyes closed and recall the ‘key’ words to seal them in your memory banks. Then transcribe or record the events immediately with as much detail as possible.

I hope this helps many of you with learning what to expect and how to overcome individual blockages. Just KNOW that you CAN do this and that you ARE succeeding and that determination and intention will carry you into continued successes!

Don’t fear! The Gateway Experience guides you gently into the world of OBE, slowly, a step at a time, at your own pace.

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  1. Nigel

    Yes….as Karen points out, it is all about acceptance. However, this is something that is easier said than done!!! And, as I can testify, from many OBEs….OBE is harmless.,in fact, it is quite the opposite to `harmful’; it helps, to a certain extent, remove some fears in our lives, as does all life experience.

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