Fringe-ology: Ghost Story or Reality?

Journalists, what’s left of them, rarely engage in anything out of the mainstream for fear of being ridiculed or of being let go from their job.

Steve Volk is a journalist who decided it was time to tell the story he’d been carrying since childhood – a true live Ghost Story. Here’s how it’s described on a YouTube video trailer:

Fringe-ology is journalist Steve Volk’s attempt to reconcile a mysterious ghost story from his childhood with his lifelong, down to earth occupation as a journalist. His solution was to do journalism—to investigate that family ghost story, and other paranormal topics, in the high style of narrative nonfiction. What he found is a great tale that’s been relegated to the fringe of our discourse for too long—a story about all of us, a story filled with ghosts, UFOs, maverick scientists, psychics, spoon-benders and the people who love and hate them. More importantly, he found common ground we can all share—a place for skeptics and believers, spiritualists and scientists, to stand together—not at the fringes, but at the heart of what it means to be human. On sale June 7, 2011, wherever books and e-books are sold. For more information, visit

Watch the trailer here:

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