Heal Your Body with Your Mind – Imaginal Healing

imaginal healingThough this blog is not usually about the topic of healing, it is about using your mind to its fullest extent, and using imaginal healing to heal your body is certainly an example of that. It is in the power of imagining wellness to prevent and cure dis-eases in the body.

Robert Moss Explains Imaginal Healing

Robert Moss has been teaching people about this for a long time so when I saw a recent post on my FB page, I decided it was time to put something about him on our blog. So I went to one of his sites called “Dream Gates” and found this short description of what it’s all about:

Robert Moss, a world-renowned dream explorer and teacher, invites us to tap into the power of dreams for self-healing and self-understanding—and insight into handling the challenges of waking life

For those of us who have experienced out-of-body states or astral projections know, the experience is rich in images. In fact, often that is all it is – no sound, no taste, no smell, no touch. Just an incredible array of images. So it should be no surprise to find out that our brains work in images – holograms actually.
The rest of the article is filled with references to the work that has been going on for quite some time documenting this in clinical studies. That doesn’t mean your family doctor is going to promote this idea much since he won’t earn a dime if you use it to heal yourself.


Take Your Power Back with Imaginal Healing

But if you want to take some of your power back over your body’s health, read the whole article. It’s fascinating! And check out using this technique with diabetes patients, Guided Imagery to Fight Diabetes.

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