The Gateway Experience Blog is dedicated to the legacy work of Robert A. Monroe, Founder of the Monroe Institute and Monroe Products, home of the Hemi-Sync Patented Technology. If you want to know more about Hemi-Sync, there are plenty of articles, journals and research materials available  at HemiSync For You.   Millions of people all over the world have used Hemi-Sync products for many different purposes.

The gateway experience store location is the place you may purchase any of the books and Gateway Experience products discussed on this blog. The Gateway Experience Set of CDs is the Flag Ship product of the entire Hemi-Sync collection.

The blog contains information about the many Explorers that had followed the footsteps of Robert Monroe, in his quest for consciousness expansion and exploration. Hundreds of thousands of people have successfully used these materials for their own individual purposes.  Many have gone into amazing journeys in consciousness and their works are displayed in their own websites.

Links to those sites can be found in the Explorers (an on going project). Our aim is to create a focal point that leads to many relevant sites for further studies on the subject we are all interested in.

We welcome your input and suggestions and any information you may contribute to expanding this concept, is highly appreciated.

This is just a beginning!