Guest Bloggers


Blogging about OBE

If you are a blogger writing in the area of out-of-body or astral travel or achieving states of higher consciousness, we’d like to offer you a guest post on this blog.

It will, of course, have all credit to you and have backlinks as well. We will also inform our mailing list that you have written a post for us, tell our Facebook Friends and tweet about it as well.

See an example of a quest blogger post here by Karen Doll, entitled OOB Traveling Begins.

How Guest Posting Works

What we’d like in return is mention of our blog on yours. Send people to your guest post or put up a link to The Gateway Experience or send out a blurb to your email list.

For that we’d like to offer you 2 things:

1- a Special Offer Price on Sleepsonic’s “Headphones in a Pillow“. This pillow, with its full frequency range digital stereo speakers, makes listening to any meditation or astral travel CD a real pleasure. No more bulky, uncomfortable headphones.

2- The opportunity to become a Gateway Experience Affiliate and earn generous commission based on your degree of involvement. You may even qualify for one of our other affiliate programs and increase your earnings even more!

If you are interested, write to

We look forward to sharing your insights with our readers!