Is a Near Death Experience a type of OOBE?

Are OOBE and NDE the Same?

Although we tend to separate out-of-body-experiences (OOBE) from near-death-experiences(NDE), they do have some similarities. The most obvious is that the person who has gone through an NDE almost always, at some time in the experience, views their physical body from a remote location.

In classical cases of NDEs during emergency medical procedures, the remote location may be no further away than the ceiling of the OP, but the distance is tangible. In an NDE, people report hearing conversations of people who are in the proximity of the body and they are able to remember them word-for-word when they “return”.

In an OOBE, people also report hearing conversations of people they are observing from their remote location and finding later that the conversation took place just as they “heard” it while out of their bodies.

We‘ve run across a fascinating description of an NDE in this video and hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did.

Have you had either an OOBE or an NDE? Want to share your experiences with us and our readers? We look forward to it.

One thought on “Is a Near Death Experience a type of OOBE?

  1. J.Paris

    NDE is a rare experience and comes unnatural and circumstantial. OBE is natural and part of our existence whether we know it or not. It is also something we can develop through intent and discipline. There are tools available that can help people do this. The Gateway Experience in-home training set is an effective and excellent example.

    “Hearing” others while in a NDE or OBE state suggests that the person having the experience is somehow able to utilize their sensory hearing ability, which further suggests, that the connection of the “other” body is not completely severed from the physical body. The implications of a multi-dimensional self and being in two places at one time, etc. deserve in-depth investigation and study.

    In the Egyptian Book of the Dead and Tibetan Book of the Dead, the physical body of the “departed” is watched over and taken care of for three days, with incantations and readings from sacred books and prayers to help them transition to the “other side”, know where to go and what to do.

    But what if, there is a way for the dead / departed, to become aware and pause. Is it possible for the dead to change their mind and come back, if they knew how to?

    We only need information and knowledge, and volunteers to study the possibilities. This subject deserves much contemplation by everyone who loves life

    There is a man named Thomas Mellen Benedict who did exactly that – come back from the dead a few hours after dying. and lived to tell a rich and full account of his experiences. That was over 20 some years ago!


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