Karen659 and the Adventures of OBEs

Many of our readers know the writer of the blog called The Travels of a Dreamwalker, a true weblog of out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams.

She has guest posted here in the past and hopefully will again in the future.

I just spent some time on her blog today and, if you are not familiar with her, here’s a sample of some of the article titles:

  • Party Time! Meeting Many; Being a Writer
  • Sending Love; Flexing Door; Flying Again
  • Sending Myself Healing Energy
  • Wine Effects, Sending Energy Attempt

They are so much fun to read and what the beginner can take from them is that an out-of-body experience, far from being fearful, can be a great adventure. And as you learn how to do it, the experiences can be guided by you.

Remember these are out-of-body experiences, not out-of-mind experiences! You are always in control, and we seem to have an automatic “ejection seat” that catapults us safely back into our bodies, if we are stepping into areas we are not ready for.

Read her article Fear and the OBE, and the 4 articles that follow it, if you are a bit fearful of the journey.  And you can visit her blog and ask questions in the comment blocks – I’m know you’ll get helpful answers!

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