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astral travelA really valid question when someone is first introduced to the concept of astral travel, or out-of-body experience, is, “Why learn how to do them?” That question has as many answers as there are people asking.

My First Astral Travel – Short and Sweet!

For me it was simply the adventure of seeing if it was possible. I began with the following exercise: I ate some fairly salty stuff just before going to be and then put a glass of water out on the kitchen counter. I went to bed and told myself to remember where the water was.

The experience was short and sweet because when I found “myself” hovering near the glass of water, I was so shocked I slammed back into my bed! But, I had done it.

But There is More…Much more!

There is, however, much more to it than simple amusement. It is, first and foremost, a way to prove to yourself that you are greater than your body. It opens a door to a different reality which is ours, and one that is always accessible to us. For some, this is the proof they need that there is some sort of spiritual self. It is, for some, touching the hem of God’s garment.

And for others it gets to the crux of the question about life after…life. Here’s how one very experienced astral traveler who calls her self Karen659, one of our favorite guest bloggers, puts it in a recent post on the Astral Projection Blog:

There is no doubt at all now, and it is such peace of mind and comfort to absolutely, positively KNOW that we will continue on after death and in an even higher level of performance than we currently have now.

Read the rest of the blog here: Why Learn Astral Projection?

Astral Travel Experiences from a Pro!

And to go to her own site filled with fascinating descriptions of her own experiences, click on the image above or go to The Travels of a Dream Walker.

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