Overcoming Fear While OOB – Part 1

This post on “Overcoming Fear While OOB“, and the following 3, were written by our favorite guest blogger who goes by the name of Karensixfivenine. You can visit her own blog at http://karen659.blogspot.com, and read her comments on the great lucid dream forum: http://mortalmist.com/forum/

Fear and Negativity While OOB

I have had a number of times where I have encountered ‘negativity’ and ‘fearful’ aspects of astral travel and other ‘entities’ and never quite know exactly what I am dealing. Initially with the first few encounters, it was difficult to handle and found my experience would end immediately. What I have learned is that your intention and expectation plays a very strong role in what you will find when OOB, and that you are only given that which you can handle.

I am not saying there is no negativity or negative entities/thought-forms that exist, but that they ONLY have power if you give it to them with your fears!! YOU give away that control with fear, but by remembering you are safe at all times, you stay in control and are able to move on.

Over the years I have noticed a development in my abilities to control and overcome fear. I have met ‘negativity’ a few times and what I have also learned in hindsight is that you are given nothing more than you can handle at the time of your experience. I now have the firm knowledge to know I cannot be harmed while out of body, that I am protected at all times and that I will be shown what to do should I need help.

My blog posts show how I’ve changed from a “shield’s up” protection to a more proactive “send love” approach. I took the time to look over my blog to find the posts that had mention of my ‘negative’ experiences and how I handled them, and am happy to see that there is a progression in how I was taught to deal with them.

Overcoming Fear When You are OOB

These blog posts, in order, show the growth I have made in learning to overcome fear and ‘send love’ as a response to any negative emotions or entities.

OOB – Negative Energy

OOB – Facing Negativity – Shields Up!

OOB – Facing Fear

OOB – Controlling Fear – Sending Love

OOB – Sending Love

Although I still don’t always remember to take the best response (send love), I still know that I cannot be harmed and work to ‘let go’ of any negative experiences I encounter.

Read Part 2 of Overcoming Fear While OOB

The 2nd part of this fascinating story of overcoming fear while OOB .

P.S. Here is another post on OOB by Karen: Using Affirmations before starting OBE

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  3. Angel Rinne

    People who have eliminated on astral travel are reported to be consciously aware of almost everything they encounter while they’re separate from their actual physical bodies. Some share that they feel a sensation of floating within the sky, while others see their physical bodies originating from a different perspective.

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