Overcoming Fear While OOB – Part 2

OOBIn the first post of this series, karen describes some of the techniques she has used to work on the fear and negativity aspects that may surface while OOB. This is the next part.

OOB Gives Knowledge of This Life as a “Passing Phase”.

The best part of these OOB experiences is now having the absolute knowing that this ‘life’ we know is NOT the end, but only a ‘passing phase’ that we are going through for our learning process!! I have no fear of death or dying……yet I also do not want to waste this wonderful opportunity to be here in physical to experience all that I can!! For example, in my blog post #96 Death Transition and Full Power, a plane crash showed me the need to remain calm and accepting of circumstances beyond my control – and just how strong my lack of fear of dying was!

Controlling Emotions While OOB

In the astral realms it is SO important that all emotional responses (except for love, but especially fear) need to be kept under control. I even think it this particular experience with the plane crash may have been a ‘test’ to see how secure I was with this acceptance!

When you are OOB, having a ‘violent’ reaction, or ANY kind of extreme reaction, will always limit your abilities to handle any situations OOB. Remembering to think ‘positive’ is always a good start, but becoming aware enough to remember to do so is big step in the OOB learning process!

Whenever you feel fear, negative, or heavy sensations, focus on ‘sending love’, thinking ‘loving thoughts’ toward whatever you encounter. As they say, darkness (negativity) cannot exist in the face of the Light of Love!

Defeating Negative Entities While OOB

Just another thought…negativity can sometimes also feed on fear as that is what they need to sustain their existence or form. They are attracted to the ‘easy’ target and will try to exploit the ‘control’ that is given to them with it. Negative entities who thrive on fear WANT you to be fearful, as it is what they seek to sustain their ‘state’.

They cannot withstand ANY loving thoughts, and despite how difficult it is, you MUST send loving energy to them, offer to help, and you will find they disappear!! Give them fear, and they grow…and become even more fearful. Whether it is from your own ‘thought forms’ or from another entity, the sounds and images you see/feel that create any fear response will likely end your experience immediately.

Part 3 Overcoming Fear While OOB talks about where this negativity comes from and how you can override it.

P.S. In case you missed it you can read Part 1 of Overcoming Fear While OOB here.

4 thoughts on “Overcoming Fear While OOB – Part 2

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  2. Jo-Ellen Leach

    I totally agree with your sending love in uncomfortable situations. I had however, a lucid dream where I reacted spontaneously to a dark negative energy and I treated him with impatience because he was messing up my mission. Somehow that worked in this situation and I got to enjoy a little longer experience. The absence of fear seamed to work even though I sent him no love. What ever works, it’s great to have the tools we share!!

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  4. deric

    Once in a lucid state or out of body I heard these viscious dogs barking and coming for me but just as they got near they transformed into harmless static cartoon dogs. I took this maybe as a lesson or to show me that objects of fear are not to be feared.


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