Overcoming Fear While OOB, Part 3

OOBIn Part 2, Karen describes the negative entities you may encounter while OOB. One way to defeat them is to send them loving thoughts which they can not stand. In this part she talks about where this negativity can come from – You – and how you can overcome it.

Dealing With Negative Entities While OOB

This negativity can be a product of your own ‘thoughts/beliefs’ or created from other mass ‘thought forms’ and continue to exist by seeking out ANY fearful emotions to ‘prey’ upon. In addition, some souls who have not let go of their ‘negative’ emotions after passing may be helped by sending these loving thoughts in order for them to realize their negativity is keeping them ‘locked’ in their environment!

If you have any fear of going OOB, then I would advise you NOT to do it, as “thoughts are things” much more quickly in the astral, and emotions….ANY emotions (excitement, sadness, fear, etc.)….are not conducive to astral learning. It is a big learning curve in these realms to keep calm and unemotional…and it is imperative NOT to be fearful.

Let the Universe Guide You While OOB

Having said that, however, I DO hope you try, as you never know what you are capable of until you try. You will find that the Universe guides your learning, never allowing you go too far too fast. There has been such little ‘baby steps’ each time I got out, so that the next time I would go just that much further.

I just can’t stress enough that it is your FEARS that drive what happens (or doesn’t happen!) when OOB. You can’t let them ‘control’ your actions, and KNOWING you are safe, is a key component of moving past established beliefs

There are a few things you can do that may help you feel more protected, such as asking for guidance or visualizing protective white light surrounding your body as you begin your relaxation. You can ask for help from your angels, ascended Masters, or any personal guide that you feel close to.

“White Light” Protection While OOB

I use a protective ‘white light’ to surround me during my induction technique (see blog post #41 Learning Near Physical Obe – My-Technique , and ask for guidance from those who are “at or above my level of development”, ensuring that lower astral forms are not welcome.

Overcoming Fear – The Final Part

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