Personal Experiences

This set of pages are dedicated to the many travelers who have shared their out-of-body or astral travel/astral projection experiences with us. Each person on the following pages have been kind enough to allow us all a peek into their special world that they reached by shifting levels of consciousness:  Carter’s Experience Juan Batista’s Experience […]

Angela’s Experience

My first experience was in a meditation class. I was doing Yoga Teacher Training and during this time we had about 180 meditations to complete. I was in a studio with about 20 other people, we were all lying down focusing on the third eye and imagining a huge bright sun just outside the third […]

Justin Wescott’s Experience

I am at my grandparent’s house, sleeping comfortably. I wake up and look at the clock. It’s 1:00, and I am very thirsty. I decide to go downstairs and have a drink of water before returning to bed. I roll out of bed and begin to walk towards the door. As I approach the door, […]

David #2’s Experience

My first ever experience with being out of body happened I would say when I was about 14. When I say it happened, I mean it happened. I awoke in the middle of the night to find myself standing next to my body. I had been raised in a somewhat devout Christian household and didn’t […]

Timbo’s Experience

I went looking for Isis. Knowing exactly what I was doing. It began when I came home from school one afternoon or maybe it began further back in my childhood when I went to the Museum and saw Isis’ name. Some years after school I started to meditate with a candle and mirror. Talked to […]

Douglas B. Sabo’s Experience

Well, I can manually project in about 22 minutes so there are a million and one experiences. So I’ll tell you about the first. Visualization works well with projection so realizing you’re in a dream-state when your visualizations become real is a great way to project. Whenever I go to sleep, I imagine myself kissing […]

Fernando’s Experience

NOTE: This is a whole experience from my public Dream Journal. First it starts out as a dream which turns into a lucid dream, then I attempt to Astral Project from my lucid dream without success falling into a non lucid nightmare, which I turn lucid again and attempt to astral project with success. I […]

Joshua’s Experience

An infinite-pointed star begins to grow behind my closed eyelids… ZZZzzzooom! I’m catapulted through the star and into hyperspace. Into total and infinite Reality, the endless ocean of energy that is the Cosmos. Into everything in the entire Universe at once, realizing that there is only One Infinite Consciousness and that your and my individualized […]