An OBE Experience about Karen659

Readers who have been with us for awhile, know we have written many posts about a lady named Karen and she has guest posted for us as well ( She writes an amazing blog called Travels of a Dream Walker at Now, on the Astral Projectors Facebook page one of the people who often […]

Joseph Salaske’s Experience

My 1st ever experience was when I was 5-ish!! I remember it sooo clear still today. Almost every night I have some sort of weird experience, whether its quick glimpse like oobe’s or astral projections, sleep paralysis! !?? I have a lot of vivid dreams, and a lot of times I find I have some […]

David #2’s Experience

My first ever experience with being out of body happened I would say when I was about 14. When I say it happened, I mean it happened. I awoke in the middle of the night to find myself standing next to my body. I had been raised in a somewhat devout Christian household and didn’t […]

Fear and the OBE

We’ve gotten another guest post from a truly remarkable traveler who writes beautifully about her experiences and shares openly with readers that may be still hesitating to explore the state we call out-of-body, or OBE. One of the things that affects many potential travelers into OBE is Fear! It is fear of the unknown and […]