Is a Near Death Experience a type of OOBE?

Are OOBE and NDE the Same? Although we tend to separate out-of-body-experiences (OOBE) from near-death-experiences(NDE), they do have some similarities. The most obvious is that the person who has gone through an NDE almost always, at some time in the experience, views their physical body from a remote location. In classical cases of NDEs during […]

Skip Atwater talks about Robert Monroe

Skip Atwater has the perfect background to be the President of The Monroe Institute. During his time in the US military as a U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent, he visited the Institute and had his first experience with Hemi-Sync and what was known as the gateway Voyage, TMI’s in-house program. It is this program that […]

Journeys Out of the Body

In 1971 Doubleday published a book called Journeys Out of the Body, a Virginia businessman’s memoir of his weird and wonderful adventures on other planes of reality. That book, which has sold more than a million copies, and that man, Robert Monroe, helped cement the concept of astral travel into the American psyche and made […]

Programs for Exploring Personal Development

The early successes from Robert Monroe’s unique combination of smart business sense and extraordinary faculty for having keen control over out of body experiences, which he liked to call “non-physical realities” provided germination for several learning programs and hundreds of audio products now well  known worldwide. These programs and products continue to change and enhance […]

Exploring Sublime States of Consciousness

Sometimes the trance state is so sweet, like the moment you feel a lack of gravity you sense a fruitful shift into a completely different direction. That is what many listeners of The Gateway Experience are after.  To progress using whatever natural means necessary to become proficient at the art of shifting the mind from […]


Here’s a short collection of informative studies, journals and articles to help explain the science and research used in the development of The Gateway Experience materials: The Hemi-Sync Process Out of Body Experiences, Defined Peak and Other Exceptional Experiences The Hemi-Sync Phenomenon: Empirical Theories The Effects of Hemi-Sync on Electrocortical Activity