Shipping Information

When you chose to buy a product listed on this website, your order is redirected to the manufacturer’s secure online system where the rates and shipping methods are described at checkout. You are given simple options and ample contact information at every point in the process for easy checkout. Every point of ordering in secure. […]

OBE Workshop in Ireland

OBEs, out-of-body-experiences, or astral travel – no matter what you call them, they have been fascinating people since the beginning. Around the world, people come together to learn and share experiences as they explore this other dimension that is so fascinating. Here’s a beautiful video of an intensive workshop in Ireland held in November 2011. […]

William Buhlman Podcast – Keys to Control

Another podcast by our friend Ali-Wings from Astral with William Buhlman. This one is called Keys to Control and is part of a OBE troubleshooting series that covers common issues: Ever had problems when you’re out-of-body? Blurred vision, movement problems, heaviness, recall difficulties…. the problems seem endless! Look no further – Presenting Part 1 […]