Robert Monroe and The Explorers

Explorers are known for the journeys they undertake. Explorers are brave and bold and fascinated by what is unknown to them. Explorers take risks, the kinds of risks most ordinary people wouldn’t dare dream of. Why do they do it? Partly due to their passion for answers, perhaps for purely personal, and some might even […]

Ronald Russell

RONALD RUSSELL: DEFINITVE BIOGRAPHER OF ROBERT MONROE Having known the great out-of-body researcher, Robert Monroe, for over twenty years, Ronald Russell had prime access to write a comprehensive portrait of his remarkable life. After all, he had attended many courses over the years at the Monroe Institute and eventually he and his wife, Jill, joined […]

Visualization – A Powerful Tool for Change

We’ve recently written about visualization for healing and now comes an even deeper look at this power. Gregg Braden and the Power of Visualization This video with Gregg Braden explores some fascinating research on how we are connected way beyond what we may believe and how the process of quantum entanglement works. The experiment he […]

Dealing with Death

No matter what your spiritual or religious outlook, what we refer to as “death” is a concept that most people still have trouble understanding.  It becomes more difficult when the death is of someone who is close to us since we may feel the loss more deeply. For some, the loss can be bridged by […]

The Hemi-Sync® Process

by F. Holmes Atwater, Research Division, The Monroe Institute (June 1999) Introduction Robert Monroe developed and patented a binaural-beat technology called the Hemi-Sync auditory-guidance system. The Monroe Institute, a 501c(3) nonprofit research and educational organization, uses this Hemi-Sync system within an educational process. During this process individuals listen to a combination of multiplexed audio binaural […]

The Effects of Hemi-Sync on Electrocortical Activity

by M. R. Sadigh, PhD, Director of Psychology, The Gateway Institute and P. W. Kozicky, MD, Founder and Director, The Gateway Institute We wish to dedicate this paper to Robert A. Monroe, a man whose love and compassion for humanity have forever changed and expanded the definition of human consciousness. Introduction Bilateral hemispheric synchronization is a […]