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Learning Astral Travel

A really valid question when someone is first introduced to the concept of astral travel, or out-of-body experience, is, “Why learn how to do them?” That question has as many answers as there are people asking. My First Astral Travel – Short and Sweet! For me it was simply the adventure of seeing if it […]


….it is quite refreshing to know that there is a brain-entrainment modality that actually works. In fact, I am convinced that Hemi-Sync goes beyond “blind” entrainment and consequently avoids some of the danger of underdeveloped technologies that clearly have the potential to do harm to those using them.” Holiday Sale – Save 20% on Hemi-Sync […]

Overcoming Fear While OOB – Part 1

This post on “Overcoming Fear While OOB“, and the following 3, were written by our favorite guest blogger who goes by the name of Karensixfivenine. You can visit her own blog at http://karen659.blogspot.com, and read her comments on the great lucid dream forum: http://mortalmist.com/forum/ Fear and Negativity While OOB I have had a number of […]