Angela’s Experience

My first experience was in a meditation class. I was doing Yoga Teacher Training and during this time we had about 180 meditations to complete. I was in a studio with about 20 other people, we were all lying down focusing on the third eye and imagining a huge bright sun just outside the third eye.

We were also using the breath to exhale out the third eye which is considered like a portal. Many meditations before i had felt like a weight on my right thigh like something was holding me back,it was extremely stiff (strange). Anyhow,on this particular day my leg had relaxed and all of a sudden i felt myself go really light,weightless, and the next thing i knew I was on the ceiling facing it flat to the roof.

At first i was a little panicky as i felt like i was in a coffin however when I saw the brightest whitest all encompassing light just engulfing my entire body i knew i was safe. The feeling of love was intense, and the white light that surrounded me is not of this world.

When i came back to my body i was very confused and couldn’t speak for a few hours, couldn’t find the words to describe such an experience. I went home and a few days later tried again to do this while lying on my bed. This time my spirit or soul rolled out of my body somehow, like i was laying next to my body in the fetal position.

I scared myself because i discovered i could do this at will and i quickly rolled back in. To this day I have done a lot of study on the subject. Most stories are usually from sleep or near death experiences or from anesthetic when being operated on.

I tend to journey a lot in my sleep everynight too. The subject fascinates me and has given me proof of the other worlds and life after death. Thanks for listening.

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