Brittany’s Experience

I’ve read other people’s comments and it sounds more like dreaming than astral projecting. I actually astral project, but I hate it and every time I get the feeling that I’ve died and I’m floating up to heaven. It usually happens when I’m extremely tired, and I’m laying in bed waiting to fall asleep. Before I actually do fall asleep my body gets this tingle, and I start to float up. I panic as soon as the tingle happens because I don’t like what happens next. I float up and I can see my body, i usually float straight up and by the time I get to the ceiling, I start to float back down because I am so panicked and try as had as I can to “swim” back down to my body. I float up way faster than I float down. The last time I projected, my fiance was in bed with me, and I started to float up, but just a foot or so above my body. Then my “spirit” started to twist to maneuver out of my bedroom towards the door around the corner. I knew that my body wasn’t going back down, and the only thing when I project I can do to move my body is breath heavily. I started panting and Daniel shook me, and I was instantly snapped back into my body. It’s always scary, and even though I know people TRY to astral project, I just don’t think it’s for me, even though I guess I don’t have a choice.

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