Dave in Kelowna’s Experience

I experienced an event in where 1 appeared to be a 3rd person but at the same time I was watching myself. What I observed was this .I was sitting in a field and this person a younger red haired girl approaches me . She walks right up to me and smiles . What is striking is she’s has an almost glowing white aura about her . She was wearing a white dress . She almost appeared angel like .
The very next morning I say to my room mate “I ‘m in love.” I go to my work place and there she is . Our newest staff person is sitting there smiling at me as I walk inthe door . I nearly fainted .
I’m not sure if this would be considered astral or what but it was an event out of the ordinary for sure. To see yourself in your own dream is weird enough but to have the dream materialize the next day . wow.

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    Thanks Dave for sharing.

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