David #2’s Experience

My first ever experience with being out of body happened I would say when I was about 14. When I say it happened, I mean it happened. I awoke in the middle of the night to find myself standing next to my body. I had been raised in a somewhat devout Christian household and didn’t even have the faintest inkling that such a thing was possible. I immediately knew however that I was just out of my body and not dead or anything. I remember thinking how vividly real everything seemed. I kept looking at my hands and legs to convince myself I wasn’t dreaming.. you never really seem to be conscious of your hands and legs in dream state.

I remember feeling more alive than I had ever felt before. Even in the OOBE’s that I have had since that night I am not sure I have achieved that feeling of clarity and electric consciousness. After getting over the initial shock of being out of my body, I set off to explore. I remember walking down the stair well. I came to the front door and thought to myself I should be able to just walk through it and I did just that. I remember walking outside and it appeared to be a full moon. The light from the moon reflecting off of everything was beautiful. I remember vividly the moonlight reflecting off the white picket fence in the front yard. That point is important to the rest of my story.

I feel like I could go on.. but I have a couple of other experiences I want to put in here and I don’t want this post to get too lengthy. So suffice it to say, that I walked up to the end of my street and took to the sky, the rest of the details from that night a little hazy.

The next morning, I was so excited I started telling my family what had happened and of course they all thought I was crazy or just dreaming. I started to believe that maybe it had been just a dream, but it had all seemed soo real. What really threw me for a loop was when I went outside that day and realized that we didn’t have a white picket fence in the front yard, we had a beige private panel fence. This detail rectified itself about two years later when I backed my Buick over the private panel fence and my stepdad installed the exact same white picket fence from my OOBE. I can only surmise now looking back that my first experience OOB I somehow managed to travel into the future… which has happened more than once for me since then.

Another experience I had, similar to the first, except I was trying to OOBE at this point. I pop out of my body and am standing next to my bed. I walk downstairs and my stepdad is there, but the house looks totally different. There are also other people there I had never met. The next morning after this experience I was really confused about these other people. This is one of the experiences that made me believe that these all might just be dreams. Until about 7 years later when my stepdad and mom separated and my mom and siblings moved out. My stepdad remarried and those strange people from my OOBE where his new wife and her kids.

I am now 28 years old and have continued to have sporadic conscious OOBE experiences. Some happen when I am trying and some just happen by surprise. I have never been able to OOBE on command, I guess I still have never mastered it. I usually remember having a full experience, but for some reason the next day the details get fuzzy. I remember major events of my trips.. but not the starting or the travelling. There were three other experiences that stand out for me as experiences I should share. They have all happened relatively recently.
First was an OOBE where I went to visit my Grandparents, both are deceased btw. I remember vividly standing in the yard outside their house. Their house in heaven is somewhat like the house they had on earth. My two grandparents and my aunt were both there to visit with me. My mother was there also, though she didn’t know she was OOBE, I think she just believed she was dreaming.

Another OOBE I had that really made me a believer in the whole time travel possibility of OOBE… I was visiting my old house. The one I had my first OOBE in. I was walking into the back yard to look at the old tree we have there. It used to support a homemade swing set. My step dad happened to be visiting astrally as well. Again I believe he was unaware he was OOBE. Anyways, we had a nice conversation about forgiveness. I forgave him for what I perceived as mistreatment growing up and he forgave me for neglecting him since I moved away. As he left, my surroundings started to change. I literally was watching time pass. Day shifted into night and into day quickly. I watched the seasons change from summer to fall to winter over and over again. I watched the buildings change. Where there used to be just a cement slab with a basketball hoop, it became a shed and then a garage. A brick wall was build around the house. I watched trees grow and die and get cut down. It was a breathtaking experience and probably one of the most profound I have ever had while OOBE.

The third OOBE of note, I am less sure of. I only remember small bits of it, but it was a profound experience either way. I remember being in a large room overlooking what I can only describe as the pensieve from the Harry Potter stories. There were notes all around on scrolls and pieces of paper. I was with someone and we were reviewing my life up to this point and discussing future events. I remember the person I was with seemed rather impressed with what I had planned for the future. He looked at me and said, “wow that is really something isn’t it.” I replied, “with all the lives I have lived would you expect anything less?”

I am still wondering what I am planning for myself … lol Nothing too amazing has happened to me since that OOBE.

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