Douglas B. Sabo’s Experience

Well, I can manually project in about 22 minutes so there are a million and one experiences. So I’ll tell you about the first.

Visualization works well with projection so realizing you’re in a dream-state when your visualizations become real is a great way to project.

Whenever I go to sleep, I imagine myself kissing a female but this time, about 12 years ago, the woman became real. I was somewhat startled so I woke up accidentally where the woman literally halted her movement and faded away. When I woke up, there was a bright rainbow around my body and this is when I realized I was still asleep, projecting.

Movement was difficult because I was very close to my body which caused a conflict between the astral body and physical body. I tried to sit up but it was difficult. Once I did sit up, there was a young woman, who I didn’t know, sitting on the edge of my bed. When she saw me look at her, she got up quickly and started walking away. This is when fight or flight kind of kicked in so I didn’t think about moving, I just did it. I walked up to her and grabbed her wrists and asked her who she was. She was scared and she pulled out what seemed to be a piece of glass. She then cut my hand with it. I looked at my hand and it was bleeding…but not really, of course. I then woke myself up.

When I woke up, the girl was gone but I still felt strange. I looked at my hand and it was still bleeding. I was still projecting. I then tried to wake myself up again just by feeling my body and opening my eyes. I repeated this process until I actually woke up.

It was a very scary experience considering it was my first conscious-exit projection.

Anyway, be well guys n gals.

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    Thanks Douglas for sharing your experience.

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