Emilie Conroy’s Out of Body Experience

Walking in the astral is not a New Age thing for me–in fact, it’s very old age, as in a connection with the collective mind of humanity as far back as our beginning. I was fortunate to be introduced to the concept while a child, with a child’s open mind and belief that anything is possible.

This is, I believe, the reason I am able to slip into the astral through relaxation and meditation. I imagine my astral self peeling away from my physical form, and soon I experience a sensation like chilled quicksilver pouring down my spine. I never see the me I’m leaving behind; perhaps I don’t look back. The astral feels nothing like death or dreaming.

I go to drink from a well of rejuvenation and reflection, of wisdom and universal humility. The astral refreshes my being and at the same time reminds me of how small I really am compared to the universe. This last part might sound daunting, but for me it’s a reminder that the challenges of my physical life are surmountable.

What do I see in the astral? There is no such thing as “seeing”. My astral self is accessing an entirely different set of senses. I believe I demonstrate my experiences in the astral through a daily life of compassion and insight.

Sometimes I kid about having a summer home in the astral plane, but the astral is much more of a companion reality for me. I don’t know what my life would be without my journeys in the astral, but I am grateful that the astral allows me within.

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