Fernando’s Experience

NOTE: This is a whole experience from my public Dream Journal. First it starts out as a dream which turns into a lucid dream, then I attempt to Astral Project from my lucid dream without success falling into a non lucid nightmare, which I turn lucid again and attempt to astral project with success. I will point out the Astral Projection part with a line of “=” but I think the whole read is worth.

I was in the beach with some friends. The sun was bright and I was going to take a swim. Suddenly, I turned lucid with no reason. I started to look around and realized the dream was fuzzy. Instead of taking off and flying as usual, I decided to say, “Clarity Now” I said that a couple of times, but only the second time worked somehow. I wanted to fly as I am used to do so to make sure I prevent premature awakening. I was flying over downtown and I decided to land once my dream was stable.

I recalled that if I allowed myself to fall on my back on a lucid dream and I focused on Astral Projection I could project. I decided to give it a shot. I jumped on my back and focused on Astral Projection.

I started to fall in a pit surrounded by lava. I saw the dream in third person for a few seconds. I could feel the burn in my skin. Suddenly, I was like in a maze. There was lava on the roof and the walls were made of lava. There was an efrit on my back and a demon in front of me.
The efrit was all red, he had fire on his head and his hands. He had a very evil looking and a very weird face. The demon was light brown and it had like hair all around. He had very big horns but his face did not looked as evil.
I though that for some reason I projected to a low vibrational realm. They escorted me to some place. I was very afraid of the efrit for some reason, however, he left.

I was now in a big hall with some steps on my back. I was in front of the demon.

I decided to do a reality check as I started to wonder why the hell I was there. I had six fingers in my hand. I realized I failed to Astral Project and I falled into a non lucid dream. I felt better, however, I was still a little afraid of the efrit. I decided to torture the demon before the efrit returned. I tried to open a void in the wall, but I could not. I told the demon, “You, fucking demon. You better open a portal for me or I will destroy you. This is my dream so you better open me a portal to leave this place.” The demon approached the wall and I saw like a small void opening. I placed my hand on the void but all I felt was the hard wall. I told the demon, “You better open the portal at once!” The demon started to freak out. He was afraid of me.

I saw the steps and realized that I could attempt to Astral Project again. The dream quality and the lucidity was superior, so I knew it would work. I focused on Astral Projection and jumped on my back.

I was suddenly in my room. Floating on the top of my bed. I was a little nervous from the efrit dream. I could see my body in bed next to my wife. I did a reality check and it did not fail. i could read and everything looked normal. I wanted to get away from my body before it called me back.

I floated around my room and walked through the closed door. I want to point out that I have never being able to do that on a lucid dream (and I am natural) I always smash into smithereens walls and doors or I bounce back like would happen in waking.

I floated over my living room and I decided to leave home. I floated through the wall and I exited. I was floating through my neighborhood and felt very free. I could float and move just with my thoughts (vs a dream that I have to make some effort to fly) I had no worries, just endless calm. I started to think in White light for protection to raise my Astral vibrations. I felt my astral body with even more energy. I kept floating and moving when I felt my wife moving in bed. I experienced double consciousness and I was back in my body. The return to my body was instantaneous and comfortable. Usually, I am confused when I wake from a lucid dream, but not from Astral Projection. My wife was still moving in bed when I was back in my body. I waited a few minutes in bed. I was exiting trance and I needed to ground myself.

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  1. Yoly Berbey

    I know what it feels like to be flying over your neighbourhood. The sensation of taking off when you decide to do so is unique! Congratulations!


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