Joseph Salaske’s Experience

My 1st ever experience was when I was 5-ish!! I remember it sooo clear still today. Almost every night I have some sort of weird experience, whether its quick glimpse like oobe’s or astral projections, sleep paralysis! !?? I have a lot of vivid dreams, and a lot of times I find I have some decent control over it!! I will also have experiences of falling out of bed and stuff!! had space travelling experiences as well!!

just last night I had a weird experience, don’t know exactly what to call it but I was laying down on my couch and I remember getting up and stretching then sitting back down but then all of a sudden I jolted awake and I got a big sense of deja vu, like “what the heck”!!

I’d say the most vividest experience I had was about a month ago!? I had come home from work around 6, and soo its around 11 at night and I’m in bed, so at some point I remember getting out of bed, and heading down the steps but as I did I noticed I was like gliding down them, then halfway down I then began to just float and fly! I then headed into my dads room where I noticed I was actually suspended above looking down! I then say “DAD” but as I did i noticed my voice didn’t really carry, so I tried again and nothing, so I like bounce up and down on the end of the bed and I notice him roll over to the other side of the bed, so I say “dad” again but nothing so, i then remember going into the kitchen and I grabbed the back door handle, but as I did that when everything got unclear and I woke up, it was just such an incredible experience!!

Later that morning when my dad woke up he told me that there was a point where he heard someone calling him while he was sleeping, like really weird that he mentioned that, it really almost scared me, I was in complete shock!! believe me or not, I believe it was me he was hearing cause my voice was on a different level, a different frequency quite possibly!!??

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