Juan Batista’s Experience

i used to travel out of my body lots of times as a child it used to scare the hell out of me
& when ever i told an adult they thought i was crazy and took me to a priest but nothing could make me stop until i reached like the age of 5 and stopped wetting my bed.i tryed to put it behind me and lead a normal life as the years progressed i stopped astral projecting and started to believe that they were childhood dreams and night mares those beings coming into my room with horse faces, a creepy lady who was missing her face and only had eyes,strange prophetic visions of future events ect.ect,all of it until one day when i matured.i became old enough to make sound decisions and started to look at the people around me and a different way.i was being drawn back to the astral realm.i guess my spirit decided i had the capacity to take it. and then it started happening again.i meet many different beings and went to many different places. i have discovered a different view of life i was put in the middle of a battle between good and evil on a quest to eliminate the egos in order to become the superman. i can meet life forms that have recently passed away and are still in the 5th dimension i can zap away unwanted intruders and demons from the lower hell regions, i discovered that by highering my vibrations i have the key to meeting angelic beings and going into planes of existence that only others sharing my energies can go to. i can visit places that fill the soul with so much music and joy that when i return to the physical plane i pick up my guitar and can never play the wonderful melodies that iv’e heard i have so much time in the astral and so much understanding of it that i no longer fear death because i know. the sad thing is that humanity doesn’t understand what wonderful beings they are and what they are capable of thanks to astral projection.

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    Thanks Juan for sharing.

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