Timbo’s Experience

I went looking for Isis. Knowing exactly what I was doing. It began when I came home from school one afternoon or maybe it began further back in my childhood when I went to the Museum and saw Isis’ name. Some years after school I started to meditate with a candle and mirror.

Talked to my nanna about it and she said that her father use to do the same thing. He was Rosicrucian and funny enough I had this huge urge to discover the Order before even talking to nan about it. So I travelled heaps to find Isis laying asleep in that Fairy Tale. Heart breaking because, well because. But then someone said to me once in the wakened day, just remember the best thing about 1996 because it was an important year. Oh yeah I find it. When we realise that we are more than body, like really start to live it, we become enlightened automatically. There is nothing to find as it is already there. Its always been there. The soul is energy and cannot be created nor destroyed. There is no other creator other than you imagination. For the soul is Eternal, it never was created, hence it can never be destroyed. You can’t have Eternity with a beginning, for there is no end, and this is what I found, Eternity.

You can keep the prize I don’t want to win. I don’t need it, but someone else might. What I need is for people to find there own Eternity. Live their soul. I need people to believe that through a firm belief in themselves, they will find Eternal Life HERE on the Earth, not to look to death and a tortured human body for Eternal Life. Life is HERE. HERE. As for my in full story, for it is far too long to write here, I am going to do an audio and place it on Youtube.

Rest assured that when you hear it, you might beging to question why you want the baby and most of you girls do, but know this, you will respect the new born tenfold. Isis said to me that when I convince her of Eternity, she will appear in my life, as my wife. How to turn lead to gold, my God this gold. More gold than all the world’s jewels.

Problem is that she is every woman to me. Clever woman, convince women and you save the Earth. She is a Goddess of Salvation after all I guess.

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