Yenny Perez’s Dimensional Experience

I found myself in the middle of space trapped inside of an elevator
with three other people. This elevator was located inside of an
immense glass cube that was just floating in space as if it were it’s
own planet. Suddenly the elevator dropped and the three people that
were trapped inside with me began to scream. I remained calm and
still. I began to focus all of my energy into bringing the elevator
to a complete stop before we hit the bottom. I felt the energy begin
to get stronger and stronger within me. Within moments right before
we hit the bottom this energy exploded outward and forced the
elevator to shoot up the elevator shaft. The energy was so strong
that the elevator shot out breaking the top of the glass cube and
headed out towards space. I immediately knew that I had to bring the
elevator back into the cube as we would be lost in space. I focused
all of my energy back into my body, bringing it tightly in. The
elevator slammed back onto the exterior of the cube and began to skid down it’s
sides. As the elevator made it’s way around the cube it left behind a
trail of broken glass. Once the elevator got to the bottom of the
cube I focused on bringing it back into the cube. I slammed it into
the base of the cube and managed to get it inside by breaking the
glass. Once inside, in front of me lay a swimming pool. The water was of orange
and white light. It almost looked like fire but it wasn’t hot. Inside
of the swimming pool were bodies made up of the same light. They were
swimming and diving into that divine body of light. I turned to the
three people that were in the elevator with me and told them “do not
be afraid, we cannot be destroyed as we are eternal”. At peace they
proceeded into that swimming pool. I walked over to a metal double
door and opened it with my thoughts. Behind it were two people
staring at me in disbelief as they were the people responsible for
making the elevator collapse in attempt to have us killed. I looked
at them and repeated these same words “do not be afraid, we cannot be
destroyed as we are eternal”.

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