Psychokinesis in the Marketplace

psychokinesisPsychokinesis (PK) isn’t what we normally write about here but since reading the book, The PK Zone, by Pamela Rae Heath many years ago, it has always been a subject that I want to explore more.

So this report on ABC was especially interesting since it talks about using the power of the mind to move objects, albeit on a computer screen, but the idea is still a form of PK.

The more stuff like this gets into the mainstream, the more the public starts to accept it. Even though the average person will view this as a novelty to be used in computer games, once they go a bit deeper, they will realize they are actually using a part of their brain that is normally dormant.

And if they wake up to that possibility, what will not be possible with the human brain?

Here’s the report. Enjoy and leave us a comment!

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