Questions on OBE techniques

Everyone who starts the OBE journey has questions since this is such a new experience.

Here’s a question asked on a forum we follow that is pretty typical. Let us have your comments or responses and we’ll pass them on.

“Can i ask you guys on here about Lucid dreaming and if you use any particular techniques that help this occur. The last one i had was at least ten years ago and i cannot remember for the life of me what it was i was doing at the time that brought them on… I didn’t know what they were back then and i was pretty dam freaked out by them… but now…. i would love to have one again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.”

6 thoughts on “Questions on OBE techniques

  1. Yvette Le Blanc

    Vivid dreams are astral projections approached from the sleeping state. You can also project from the waking state, called astral projection. These experiences teach us and that’s why we’re here on the physical plane–to learn. You might enjoy going to my web site: To have more vivid dreams simply make the request out loud and ask to remember before going to sleep. It’s that easy. I’ve also written a book: “Astral Travel & Aura Viewing” available at Good luck to you. Yvette

    1. Traveler Post author

      Thanks Yvette for posting. I’ve had a look around your site – it is simple, but to the point!

      Also followed the link to Amazon and you have a nice review there.

      I’ll put a post up here about your site and your book – may get some traffic to your site from our many visitors.

  2. CJK

    I have very often had lucid dreams since childhood but these have not been always the most pleasant experiences as they sometimes become quite frightening as well as ending up in a state where my mind is fully awake with my eyes open looking around the room with some hallucinations and my body being completely paralyzed.
    Further I do not perceive the content of these dreams as containing any valuable content such as astral projections but rather I feel like I am sleeping badly which is keeping my mind in a state between being asleep or fully awake.
    Perhaps I am mistaking this as lucid dreaming? I have read all the descriptions of lucid dreaming online and it seems to fit pretty much exactly what I experience though I do not see the spiritual value of it.

    1. Traveler Post author

      Since we are all spiritual beings dealing with the human experience, you could say all things we experience are spiritual, including dreams, lucid or not.

      To the dream itself: it can be simply reflecting some part of our waking life that we may need to address and the fear of that is enough to wake you and seemingly paralyze you. If you feel you can control the dream, that you are really aware that you are dreaming, then it fits the category of “lucid”.

      I have found a technique of dealing with an unpleasant lucid dream by deciding, in the dream state, to rewind the “film” until I get to a point where I can intervene and change the direction of the dream. That often ends that dream coming back.

  3. CJK

    Oh and in response to the original question, lucid dreams occur for me when I am very tired physically but my mind has been kept awake doing something else (work on the computer, etc) and I go to sleep shortly after. This causes my body to fall asleep while my mind stays awake.
    Other times often happens when I take a nap in the middle of the day and seems to happen more often if music is playing in the room although the sounds you hear then have influence on the content of the dream.

    1. Traveler Post author

      I have some of my most vivid dreams in similar situations – during an afternoon nap, or when I wake early in the morning, get up for awhile, and then go back to bed. Then the dreams come like a freight train!


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