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Overcoming Fear While OOB – The Final Part

OOBIn the previous part, Karen wrote about how to deal with negative entities while you are OOB. This final part talks about some of the great resources she recommends to help you along the way.

Resources for the OOB Experience – The Path Already Trod

To help overcome your fears, I recommend reading and learning about the astral realms and OOB travel. (Good sites/books are recommended on my blog or email me for suggestions.) In this way, it will help impress upon your subconscious to give you NO DOUBT whatsoever that you CANNOT be harmed in the astral!! Remember, any fear stops OOBEs, as you will not be allowed to continue with them – as it will only cause more ‘fearful’ constructs.

A great resource for information is William Buhlman’s website and books. Under “Questions and Benefits,” someone asks him about fear and he recommends affirmations and offers advice on overcoming various fears individuals have about going OOB.

In his workshops, William Buhlman tells us that we are more protected than we think. We are also more than what we are, a multidimensional being, just as Jurgen Ziewe described in his book, Multidimensional Man, another great book about learning lessons out of body.

Robert Monroe and his books, along with this Gateway Experience website, offers many articles and enlightened reading for those who seek more knowledge about out of body travel.

Ultimately, though, every individual is different…and not knowing individual backgrounds and belief systems, I can’t tell you how best to proceed. My answer to is to go with what ‘feels right’…and you can’t go wrong!

Controlling Your Emotions – The Secret to Success While OOB!

In summary, a key aspect to successfully navigating the astral realm is to learn to have complete control over your emotions – ANY emotion except for loving energy is to be kept in check. It is not easy, but with practice you CAN do it! Be confident, unemotional, affirm your intentions, and surround yourself with white light protection or whatever works for you will all make for a very successful experience.

You are a soul, just as others are souls, immortal and with the same powers. So if you are afraid to meet entities, KNOW that you are also an entity, and nothing can be stronger than you. Do not give away your control by offering them fear. It is true that many negative encounters are merely an energy representation of our own inner fear based thoughts, as William Buhlman describes it.

I agree with him that learning to journey out of body can be a highly effective way to confront and resolve our inner fears and blocks, as facing our problems or fears and taking control is the most effective way to overcome and eliminate them.

KNOW that you are safe and protected at all times, and act as if you are NOT afraid. This is an effective tool for all aspects of our lives, if we want to change a behavior, we only have to act as if we have already changed it…and then we can claim it. Practicing this in our ‘real life’ situations prepares you for making the changes you need to guide to you successful OOB experiences!

Karen’s blog for lots more of this is: http://karen659.blogspot.com/

Overcoming Fear While OOB, Part 3

OOBIn Part 2, Karen describes the negative entities you may encounter while OOB. One way to defeat them is to send them loving thoughts which they can not stand. In this part she talks about where this negativity can come from – You – and how you can overcome it.

Dealing With Negative Entities While OOB

This negativity can be a product of your own ‘thoughts/beliefs’ or created from other mass ‘thought forms’ and continue to exist by seeking out ANY fearful emotions to ‘prey’ upon. In addition, some souls who have not let go of their ‘negative’ emotions after passing may be helped by sending these loving thoughts in order for them to realize their negativity is keeping them ‘locked’ in their environment!

If you have any fear of going OOB, then I would advise you NOT to do it, as “thoughts are things” much more quickly in the astral, and emotions….ANY emotions (excitement, sadness, fear, etc.)….are not conducive to astral learning. It is a big learning curve in these realms to keep calm and unemotional…and it is imperative NOT to be fearful.

Let the Universe Guide You While OOB

Having said that, however, I DO hope you try, as you never know what you are capable of until you try. You will find that the Universe guides your learning, never allowing you go too far too fast. There has been such little ‘baby steps’ each time I got out, so that the next time I would go just that much further.

I just can’t stress enough that it is your FEARS that drive what happens (or doesn’t happen!) when OOB. You can’t let them ‘control’ your actions, and KNOWING you are safe, is a key component of moving past established beliefs

There are a few things you can do that may help you feel more protected, such as asking for guidance or visualizing protective white light surrounding your body as you begin your relaxation. You can ask for help from your angels, ascended Masters, or any personal guide that you feel close to.

“White Light” Protection While OOB

I use a protective ‘white light’ to surround me during my induction technique (see blog post #41 Learning Near Physical Obe – My-Technique , and ask for guidance from those who are “at or above my level of development”, ensuring that lower astral forms are not welcome.

Overcoming Fear – The Final Part

Miss the first 2 parts of this series? Here they are:

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Overcoming Fear While OOB – Part 2

Overcoming Fear While OOB – Part 2

OOBIn the first post of this series, karen describes some of the techniques she has used to work on the fear and negativity aspects that may surface while OOB. This is the next part.

OOB Gives Knowledge of This Life as a “Passing Phase”.

The best part of these OOB experiences is now having the absolute knowing that this ‘life’ we know is NOT the end, but only a ‘passing phase’ that we are going through for our learning process!! I have no fear of death or dying……yet I also do not want to waste this wonderful opportunity to be here in physical to experience all that I can!! For example, in my blog post #96 Death Transition and Full Power, a plane crash showed me the need to remain calm and accepting of circumstances beyond my control – and just how strong my lack of fear of dying was!

Controlling Emotions While OOB

In the astral realms it is SO important that all emotional responses (except for love, but especially fear) need to be kept under control. I even think it this particular experience with the plane crash may have been a ‘test’ to see how secure I was with this acceptance!

When you are OOB, having a ‘violent’ reaction, or ANY kind of extreme reaction, will always limit your abilities to handle any situations OOB. Remembering to think ‘positive’ is always a good start, but becoming aware enough to remember to do so is big step in the OOB learning process!

Whenever you feel fear, negative, or heavy sensations, focus on ‘sending love’, thinking ‘loving thoughts’ toward whatever you encounter. As they say, darkness (negativity) cannot exist in the face of the Light of Love!

Defeating Negative Entities While OOB

Just another thought…negativity can sometimes also feed on fear as that is what they need to sustain their existence or form. They are attracted to the ‘easy’ target and will try to exploit the ‘control’ that is given to them with it. Negative entities who thrive on fear WANT you to be fearful, as it is what they seek to sustain their ‘state’.

They cannot withstand ANY loving thoughts, and despite how difficult it is, you MUST send loving energy to them, offer to help, and you will find they disappear!! Give them fear, and they grow…and become even more fearful. Whether it is from your own ‘thought forms’ or from another entity, the sounds and images you see/feel that create any fear response will likely end your experience immediately.

Part 3 Overcoming Fear While OOB talks about where this negativity comes from and how you can override it.

P.S. In case you missed it you can read Part 1 of Overcoming Fear While OOB here.

Overcoming Fear While OOB – Part 1

This post on “Overcoming Fear While OOB“, and the following 3, were written by our favorite guest blogger who goes by the name of Karensixfivenine. You can visit her own blog at http://karen659.blogspot.com, and read her comments on the great lucid dream forum: http://mortalmist.com/forum/

Fear and Negativity While OOB

I have had a number of times where I have encountered ‘negativity’ and ‘fearful’ aspects of astral travel and other ‘entities’ and never quite know exactly what I am dealing. Initially with the first few encounters, it was difficult to handle and found my experience would end immediately. What I have learned is that your intention and expectation plays a very strong role in what you will find when OOB, and that you are only given that which you can handle.

I am not saying there is no negativity or negative entities/thought-forms that exist, but that they ONLY have power if you give it to them with your fears!! YOU give away that control with fear, but by remembering you are safe at all times, you stay in control and are able to move on.

Over the years I have noticed a development in my abilities to control and overcome fear. I have met ‘negativity’ a few times and what I have also learned in hindsight is that you are given nothing more than you can handle at the time of your experience. I now have the firm knowledge to know I cannot be harmed while out of body, that I am protected at all times and that I will be shown what to do should I need help.

My blog posts show how I’ve changed from a “shield’s up” protection to a more proactive “send love” approach. I took the time to look over my blog to find the posts that had mention of my ‘negative’ experiences and how I handled them, and am happy to see that there is a progression in how I was taught to deal with them.

Overcoming Fear When You are OOB

These blog posts, in order, show the growth I have made in learning to overcome fear and ‘send love’ as a response to any negative emotions or entities.

OOB – Negative Energy

OOB – Facing Negativity – Shields Up!

OOB – Facing Fear

OOB – Controlling Fear – Sending Love

OOB – Sending Love

Although I still don’t always remember to take the best response (send love), I still know that I cannot be harmed and work to ‘let go’ of any negative experiences I encounter.

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The 2nd part of this fascinating story of overcoming fear while OOB .

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OOB – Personal Experiences

OOBIt is our great pleasure to present our first guest post on this blog from someone who has not only had many OOB experiences, but who kept a journal of them to track what she was experiencing. Here is her story, and we invite you to visit her blog to read more.

OOB Traveling Begins

It has been about five years since I have started traveling OOB on a regular basis, privately journaling each and every experience, and three years since I started posting them in my public blog (www.karen659.blogspot.com). I have learned much about myself and my world around me, and shall continue to learn for as long as I live. My motto has always been, “the more we learn, the more limitless the Universe becomes!” Continue reading