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Wave I – Discovery

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More about Wave I – Discovery

Wave I – Discovery (3 CDs – 6 Exercises) contains the following exercises to introduce the listener to the first steps in discovering this experience – Orientation, Introduction to Focus 10, Advanced Focus 10, Release and Recharge, Exploration Sleep and Focus 10 Free Flow.

Wave 1 – Discovery is the foundation and building block that helps train the listener to totally relax the body and mind. With the help of Hemi-Sync and the audio guidance in each of the CD track. it is easy to enter these states of relaxation and increase the listener’s confidence level.

The listener first experience Focus 3, the whole brain state, and then Focus 10, where one’s mind is said to be awake and the body asleep.

Discovery of your Fears can Help You in the Next Wave

The listener may discover certain fears they were not previously aware of. With the help of the Hemi-Sync frequencies, they can also learn to let go of these thoughts that hinder them, and move on to discover new aspects of themselves.

At the end of program, there is a Free Flowing session to practice what was learned. Visit Wave I Discoveryfor more information.

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