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Wave III – Freedom

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Wave III – Freedom (3 CDs – 6 Exercises). It is assumed that the listener has taken Waves I and II exercises and have gained the confidence to move forward and tackle Wave III Freedom exercises. These exercises facilitate the listener’s entry to further self exploration with ease.

With the steps learned in the previous Waves I and II, one can easily romp to and fro “another world” your own – that you can create and have some control over. It is recommended that everything is approached in a light-hearted manner, and the eagerness to explore will build more easily from here on.

In using Focus 12, all the exercises learned will enhance the listener’s ability to relax both body and mind and gain the confidence to go further. The ideas of remote viewing and projecting self out of the physical body will become second nature through these exercises, preparing the listener for advance exercises in consciousness.

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