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Inner States – Dawning of Awareness

Inner States CD Set

This series is designed to guide you on a path of deeper personal awareness for enhanced living and being. With these Hemi-Sync® exercises you will explore methods to activate the power within yourself, achieve inner peace, remain centered and calm in times of uncertainty, and transcend limiting thought patterns. You will also learn to tap into an expanded source of knowledge and guidance for your life, discover tools for initiating personal changes and transformational growth, become more aligned with your life’s purpose, develop your intuition, bring more light into your body, and embrace a trusting, loving approach to living. Co-developed with Patty Ray Avalon. Six verbally guided exercises on four CDs include: Awakening Through Stillness, Equilibrium, The Limitless Self, Life Path Journey, Accessing Higher Guidance, and Luminosity. 4 CDs – Buy Inner States, Dawing of Awareness from Store.Hemisyncforyou.com

Fair Review of Bradley Tompson’s Lucid Dreaming Kit

Lucid Dreaming KitRebecca Turner, founder of the popular World of Lucid Dreaming website, was able to take a clear look at Bradley Tompson’s Lucid Dreaming Kit:  http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/lucid-dreaming-kit.html .

In her review, she does go on to state that if you are already knowledgeable in lucid dreaming than The Lucid Dreaming Kit may not be the right program for you. This information can be very helpful if you are searching for a tool to help you with lucid dreaming.  But she did go on to say that taking the course won’t hurt your chances for having a lucid dream.

We’ve followed Rebecca’s work for years and know she is a hard working researcher and practitioner in the field of lucid dreaming. We deeply appreciate her insight into the dream state. Her website is exceptionally well stocked with informative content and links to other online resources along with thousands of followers on YouTube and Facebook.

Check out http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com

More on Bradley Thompson’s Lucid Dreaming Kit



Wave IV – Adventure

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More About Wave IV – Adventure

AdventureIn Wave IV – Adventure (3 CDs – 6 Exercises) we continue the adventure into the Gateway Experience program. Here we apply everything learned in Wave I, Wave II, Wave III and Wave IV. All of the techniques taught thus far, are beneficial to the individual’s progress during the course of their listening exercises.

These benefits becomes apparent in one’s daily life, as awareness of themselves and their environment increase. Especially as experiences build each time they engage the process, a sense of wonderment makes one stop to ask, “is this real”? Developing such abilities as NVC short for non-verbal communication or telepathy) can be very thrilling. More than this, the ability to sense that there is something other than the “usual” self, starts emerging. Some people call this the “Higher Self.” This is a good thing!

Keep moving forward and you shall soon find out for yourself, answers to questions, only you can know. The exercises in Wave IV gives one plenty to work with in designing a life that one can imagine possible.

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