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Nancy McMoneagle Bio

For those of you already using The Gateway Experience, or contemplating it, reading about Nancy McMoneagle fits right in. She is the step-daughter of Robert Monroe, and after college, helped her “mentor”, as she called Robert, establish the program that became Gateway Voyage.

Gateway Voyage is the residential program (one of many) that still runs at The Monroe Institute in Virgina and which is the basis for The Gateway Experience. She has had a fascinating life, and she and Joe must be equally a fascinating couple to know!

As an Honors student at Wittenberg University, she got to design her own curriculum. Here’s how she describes part of it:

My course design included studying in France at the University of Nice, and in Kyoto, Japan, at a Zen Buddhist monastery. Then, as now, I was interested in understanding the spiritual nature of humankind; well, actually, exploring and understanding the sacred in all beings.

Here’s a picture I “stole” from their website. They say it’s not current, but then time and age are illusions anyway, right?

The gateway Experience and the McMoneagles

Joe McMoneagle Bio

Here’s a link to a short business bio on Joe McMoneagle who is one of the people on the “Explorers” page of this site.

Here is a passage from that bio (his site also has a personal bio as well):

With a career spanning 34 years, Mr. McMoneagle has provided professional support to the Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Drug Enforcement Agency, Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Customs, the National Security Council, and most major command within the Department of Defense. Twenty of those years have been within paranormal operations, as viewer No. 001 (372).

He continues his work in the paranormal with the company Cognitive Sciences Lab which, he says is, “…continuing to dig very deeply into the mystery behind psychic functioning and other paranormal phenomena.”